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Posted 15 years ago2004-05-10 18:01:45 UTC
in Do you love me? Post #26367
Posted 15 years ago2004-05-10 17:52:05 UTC
in You've Been Mapping Too Much When... Post #26361
and i am also guilty of concept mapping

Posted 15 years ago2004-05-10 17:48:06 UTC
in You've Been Mapping Too Much When... Post #26359
- You make maps of places like your school.
yep, me and blueblade were working on that for about 2 weeks, and it looked pretty good too, but we were afraid that if some1 found out, we would get it :P
Posted 15 years ago2004-05-08 13:10:05 UTC
in translucent textures Post #26077
how do you make textures that have clear parts to them, the ones with all the blue in hammer

please help
Posted 15 years ago2004-05-06 17:37:30 UTC
in What nationality are you? Post #25813
I'm from mississippi, in the great southern lands of the great country, America, and for all who dislike george bush are liberal baby killers, he was the best person to vote for, if we voted al gore, then the nation would be LIBERAL!!!
Posted 15 years ago2004-05-03 21:03:31 UTC
I think it would be great for everyone to post their favorite mods for half life
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-28 19:28:36 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #24445
hey, dude, i'm kinda not interested in this so jobabob is top gun now, if anyone wants to join just tell him
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-28 15:37:40 UTC
in how do i make new sound files for HL? Post #24400
great advice, i actually don't have anyfiles right now i can put, but i really appreciate yall doing this, and i agree w/ seventh, you need to make a tutorial(but add some screenies and some links, and could you please add some of your sound files) and another question, did you use some kinda animation program for the gman at the end of hlwood(i loved the map but it was too short and too easy[but good!])
i'm pretty sure he doesn't have an animation that long,
unless you repeat some of the yes/no animations!
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-26 21:48:31 UTC
in how do i make new sound files for HL? Post #24166
i need to know how slayer a put those awesome sound files on his halflifewood level(that won a competition!). i would really apreciate it if someone showed me so i could finnish my mod!

thanks for any comments that aren't utterly stupid :P
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-26 21:44:40 UTC
in Aim names!!! Post #24165
frank o dumb

lol, i couldn't find a good name unused :(

Posted 15 years ago2004-04-11 16:13:32 UTC
in Life of the Monkey Post #22163
nah, but you seem like a good dude bratty, it's just that you asktoo many questions, ha ha, 7monk. called you a flamer. if you dont know what it means, dont ask. lol :P
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-11 13:54:32 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #22153
lol, whatever, but i guess we could all have our own floor per level, it's just that the elevator would look weird loading a level constantly, maybe we could make a level totally devoted to the elevator shaft :)
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-11 00:25:27 UTC
in Life of the Monkey Post #22096
go to folks, it will make the ladies "all upons"

you'll see, and you check out the cool stuff that you folks desperately need

lol, greeny bean giant eh steve, lol
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-11 00:23:39 UTC
in Life of the Monkey Post #22095
and green beans taste "not so good as cheese"
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-11 00:22:20 UTC
in Life of the Monkey Post #22094
AHHHHHHH, THERE IS A DOG TURD STUCK TO MY SHOE, CRAAAAAAAAPPPPP, oh yeah, i'm a regular,but really you should choose me because, "cheese is good" :)
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-10 19:05:55 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #22080
hey yall, i'm back, did you miss me? well, i guess i'll have to start my level on the tower, oh, by the way, that is a cool sig pick peppy,lol
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 18:57:13 UTC
in Disco Party Post #21511
he he he, maybe you should put on on a raized dance platforem, and make it emit electricity on the press of a button, and it would make him be electrafied, that would be cool
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 17:08:59 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21467
and a hundred spacebucks to anyone who can name the character that is my sig pic! (but not you, blueblade) :badass:
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 17:03:45 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21464
ooh ooh! an Alien weopon in experimentation in the dark depths of Area 51, hmmm, maybe alien corpses floating in tanks, like on the movie "independence day" lol.
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 17:01:35 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21461
good idea dude, and the whole level wouldn't be just about being on a railroad, it would start off probably at black mesa,i'm still thinking about my idea of the character, maybe a marine instead, yeah, i can see it now, your one of the marines in the chopper when it's hit, you fall out into a small sand dune while you watch the osprey crash in front of you, you turn around and run behind a boulder while aliens are poping up around you,after the area is secured an alien comes out and shoots an explosive barrel by the marines and kills them, you have the option to pick up a gun near you , then you have to get inside a small building/thing, it would be like on of those storm cellar doors, like on home alone(LOL) or something, and it would lead you into the top of a underground railroad system,and from there on out, i'll have to think :P
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 15:34:55 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21439
i'm gonna be gone for the rest of the week so yall be thinkin up some killer ideas
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 15:28:06 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21438
ok, me and a friend are possible gonna make a expansion map pak for half life, here a hint. what is roswell famous for, and where is another close by(but in bordering state) conspirical area, hmm

wouldn't it be natual that they all might be connected to the foregrounds of black mesa(i don't know what it was called)by a series of underground railroads

hmmm, maybe you would be freeman, going back in Time, hmm.
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 15:03:57 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21431
oh, i love your lobby, it looks like if the grid level off perfect dark had a baby w/ the government tower from the matrix, sorry for the wording, but i thought that this map would have a sofisticated look to it, like a tower for a major corporation, w/ nice shiny stuff(which i know you can do for the lobby, but just the lobby) and cubicles on sum floors, then our own wacked out floors

and um, world craft dude, you totally lost me man, i'm confuzed
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 14:58:50 UTC
in Disco Party Post #21428
i downloaded you map blueblade, and i'm ashamed to say it, but i wouldn't want to drink that nasty stuff in the punch bowl, what is it, it's gross, it's like some kinda oily puke! lol, but otherwise, it is a fairly good map, exept for the corridores that lead to nowhere, and i think you should put the gman chamber in the vault. that might get some interesting posts. lol

:) :| :( :zonked:
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 14:53:44 UTC
in Dripping Blood Post #21422
that is kinda corny :D
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 14:45:48 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21420
well, i'm no expert, but i wanted to do the lobby too, we could both do it, or have sep. entrances

but i have a lobby format already made, i guess i could email it?

or whatever
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 12:13:34 UTC
in HL RPG mod Post #21402
that sounds cool, maybe a grunt w/ and axe?
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 12:12:10 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21401
thanks vox, oh, and sorry about the name thing, that really must have hurt your feelings
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 10:40:39 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21387
this is gonna be the third i guess, lol

well, unless they are as independent and for every1 as my idea i think i should start this thing, oh, by the way, monkeys are cool,

if anyone is interested then they should email me a map at "

the demensions for your floor need to be a sqare "2" of the bigest units wide and "1" of the bigest units high

and i dont care if anyone is a newb or a total wiz at this, the point of it is to learn and do teamwork, and to make some kinda super skyscraper :D
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 09:38:29 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21378
oh, who founded this site, because we could put that persons name on a big shiny plack hanging on the wall, right next to mine, just kidding. :P
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-06 09:28:28 UTC
in Super Tower for TWHL Post #21376
hey, i have an idea, how about we all put forth a tower created by all of us, each person could have his or her floor, and it would be cool if someone put some cinimatics in there, and we could have neighboring buildings (but they would be like the sets on movies) and maybe cars going down the streets using func_train, we could have loads of stuff, and it allows anyone to do it, we all could make the lobby, and the elevator's buttons could have our names on them so you could just hit the "use" key on the persons name to go to their custom floor.

the great thing about this is that it is for everyone, and noone can critisize anybody elses.

we would have to have size limits though, but overall it would be a great team effort, we could put a big "TWHL" at the top of the building, and everybody could ask the more experienced mappers to help w/ their problems

so, what do ya'll think? :D