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Posted 6 days ago2024-02-18 11:01:17 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #348586
I've uploaded the new archive with fixed skill.cfg.

I also added user.scr, so Advanced tab in player settings has some configurable options.
for some reason the sprite its really big, like x3-x4 scale of a normal grenade.
Do you mean the HUD sprite? There's a HUD autoscaling feature, but it's turned off by default, so it shouldn't scale unless you change hud_scale client cvar.
Posted 6 days ago2024-02-18 10:36:34 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #348585
Thanks for reporting. Yeah, that's weird. I'll look at it and make a fixing release when I find out what causes the problem.

For now the fix is to replace all tab characters in skill.cfg with spaces.
Posted 1 week ago2024-02-13 18:36:29 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #348574
New release


Half-Life Anniversary changes

Some Half-Life Anniversary changes were merged from Thanks @nekonomicon
  • Improved handgrenade throw physics.
  • Improved spawn spot randomization in multiplayer.
  • Fix gauss sound on level transition.
  • Added HL anniversary fix for pushable acceleration
  • func_vehicle implementation
  • Fixed snark throwing when player is on the edge.
  • Applied new satchel controls.
More changes related to HL anniversary will be merged in the next version.

Cvar changes

  • New client cvar cl_satchelcontrol to control the preferred control scheme. 0 is for legacy, 1 is for anniversary.
  • Changed how pushablemode cvar works. Now 0 means anniversary mode (default), -1 means legacy mode and 1 means XashXT mode. The special value 2 (which meant the SoHL mode) has been removed.

Configurable features

  • gargantua_larger_size - when enabled, make Gargantua's size equal to one from Opposing Force. This fixes the problem with some projectiles (e.g. shockroach and hornetgun ones) not properly hitting the monster.

Other changes and fixes

  • Shock trooper and voltigores now have a 'hate' relationship to the player instead of just 'dislike'.
  • Picking up items by +use (when the pickup_policy value is not 0) is no longer allowed through the walls.
  • Fixed a bug when colorable crosshair didn't restore properly after using a func_tank.
Posted 1 month ago2024-01-12 15:22:07 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #348441
New release


Support for subtitles

Mods can use sound/captions.txt and sound/captions_profiles.txt files to define captions.
Sample files defining captions for some sentences on the first two maps of "Anomalous Materials" chapter are packed with the mod sample.

HUD scaling

Added hud_scale client cvar to control HUD scaling. 1 means the original scale. 0 means autoscale depending on the screen resolution. Note that support for high definition sprites from the anniversary patch will be added later.

Configurable Weapon Layout

Weapon layout can be configured in features/hud_weapon_layout.cfg file. The format is described in the sample file.


  • trigger_configure_monster can configure more monster's parameters: Free Roaming, Gib Policy and Size For Grapple.
  • Added dead turret entities: monster_miniturret_dead, monster_sentry_dead and monster_turret_dead
  • Added Custom amount parameter for ammo entities.
  • Added Custom Initial Ammo parameter for weapons.
  • Added Delay after blocked parameter for monstermaker. If not zero, this is used instead of spawn delay before trying to to spawn the monster again, if the spawn was blocked before.
  • Added Don't fire look target for trigger_camera.
  • Added scripted_following entity and the Followage policy parameter for following monster (Experimental).


  • Fixed HUD not showing after 'fullupdate' command.
  • Fixed repeatable scripted_sequence with Walk or Run move type not properly working after it got interrupted and triggered again (Half-Life bug). Thanks @Aynekko for reporting.
  • Fixed scripted_sequence being unresponsive when it has Idle Animation and Turn to Face move type (Half-Life bug).

Configurable features

  • Color values in hexadecimal form can be prefixed with # symbol instead of 0x.
  • hud_autoscale_by_default - whether hud_scale value is 0 by default (meaning autoscale).
  • crosshair_colorable feature and corresponding cvar. Allows crosshair color to depend on the chosen HUD color. Requires a sprite with white crosshairs to apply colors properly. Experimental feature, not enabled by default.
Posted 2 months ago2023-12-11 17:03:35 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #348196
New release


  • The glow shell effect (applied by the shockroach projectiles) now wears off over time from osprey and apache.
  • Fixed Desert Eagle not ejecting a shell upon firing.
  • Fixed the Half-Life path finding bug when the fleeing monster couldn't choose a spot as a cover because the enemy couldn't build a path to this spot.
  • Don't report missing HG_HOSTILE and ST_HOSTILE sentences (as they're optional)
  • The entity with game_playerdie targetname is now triggered upon the player's death in singleplayer as well.
  • The pain indicator sprite color doesn't blend with the HUD color anymore. This prevents pain sprite rendering green or other weird colors depending on the HUD color.
Posted 3 months ago2023-11-10 13:50:27 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #348018
New release



  • Fixed Pitworm entity light, laser attack sprite, strafe beam and missing sound precache.
  • Fixed barnacle grapple physics to match Opposing Force.
  • Fixed player_weaponstrip unintentionally removing player's flashlight or NVG.
  • Fixed trigger_camera no longer prevents enabling the control if player dies while using the camera.
  • Level transition won't be activated if player is dead, to avoid strange situation when player gets transitioned to another level in a dead state (which is possible if trigger_changelevel is triggered by something else with a delay).
  • When trigger_camera entity gets removed it automatically releases the player who activated it.


  • Added Ignore Armor flag for trigger_hurt and trigger_hurt_remote
  • Added No Camera Punch flag for trigger_hurt and trigger_hurt_remote
  • Added Alive player only flag for trigger_camera to ensure that the camera won't start if player is dead. It also makes camera release the player's view if player died while camera was activated.
  • Allow opfor human grunts to have no weapons if weapons are set to "None".
  • Opfor medics and torch grunts can be set to throw hand grenades. FGD was changed accordingly.

Client cvars and commands

  • hud_min_alpha cvar to control the minimum HUD alpha value.
  • hud_color is now a client command. The color is now getting saved to the player's configuration.

Server cvars

  • Added items_physics_fix server cvar in attempt to fix items and ammo sometimes falling through the floor (e.g. if spawned from a func_breakable on a shelf). Changing this cvar may have some unwanted side-effects. Read description in featureful_exec.cfg

Configurable features

  • monsters_spawned_named_wait_trigger. When set to false, named monsters spawned from monstermaker won't wait 5 seconds before entering their regular AI loop, unlike they do in Half-Life. Previously the default behavior in this SDK was the same as having this feature set to false, and while it's usually desirable, it might break some existing maps. So now it's set to true by default in order to match original Half-Life behavior.
  • vortigaunt_squad allows to add a capability to form squads for vortigaunts. In original Half-Life they don't have this capability set.
Posted 4 months ago2023-10-09 11:54:54 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #347930
New release


Configurable features

  • Wall puff sprites (cl_weapon_wallpuff) can be configured via featureful_server.cfg. Up to 4 sprites can defined (wall_puff1 - wall_puff4) which allows to set sprites from Counter Strike. By default sprites/stmbal1.spr is used as a sole wall puff sprite.


  • Fixed opfor ropes physics on high framerates.
  • Fixed spore launcher not playing a pet sound.
  • Fixed some HUD issues when player has both flashlight and NVG.
  • Fixed FG_CURE sentence group (a resource change)
  • Replaced fgrunt/checkin (a missing sound) with fgrunt/check in sentences.txt (a resource change).


  • Each global variable has one integer number associated with them, in addition to the state value. The number can be changed via game_counter_set targeting env_global with Modify/Set value triggermode. Also, triggering such env_global with 'On' or 'Toggle' use-type increments the global variable number by 1. Triggering it with 'Off' use-type decrements the number by 1.
  • New parameter Obey Use-type for env_global which allows to change the global variable state accordingly to the input use-type.
  • New spawnflag Act as Master for env_global which allows to use the global variable state as a master.
  • New entity trigger_compare for comparing constant numbers and numbers associated with entities (so called Locus Ratio) and triggering different targets depending on the result of comparison.
  • New entity calc_state to evaluate the state from boolean operation where the 'On' state corresponds to True and 'Off' state corresponds to False. Can be used as a master.
  • Copy Input and Reverse Input trigger modes for trigger_relay.
  • New entity calc_eval_number to evaluate the math expression based on constant numbers and calc ratios of entities.
  • New entity game_number for storing floating point numbers (you can still use game_counter to store and retrieve integer values). Can be used as a storage or parameter of calc_eval_number.
  • New entity trigger_check_state to check the master entity state and trigger the target depending on the check result.
  • Customizable smoke sprite for env_explosion.
  • monster_human_assassin_dead.
  • Barnacles can't grab victims possessed by non-interruptible scripts anymore.

Server commands

  • set_global_state - set the state of global variable. Available only when sv_cheats is enabled.
  • set_global_value - set the number value associated with global variables. Available only when sv_cheats is enabled.
  • ReportAIState (impulse 103) now reports the name of the scripted sequence entity if monster is currently possessed by a script. The command also draws the current monster route and the nearest node using temporary beams.
  • calc_ratio - calculate a ratio values associated with entity and report the result to developer console.
  • calc_state - calculate/get the entity state and report the result to developer console.


  • Support for snow texture material.
  • Added item_sodacan to FGD.
New pages on wiki: Math and Master entities.
Posted 5 months ago2023-09-10 18:03:34 UTC
in Search for a team that I could join. Post #347850
Hi. I think it would be better if you show your previous works (maps and projects you worked on before), so people could estimate your experience.
Also tell us what you would prefer to work on. Traditional Black Mesa setting or something else?

I have plenty of ideas for HL1 mods and my team can't work on all projects at the same time (we already work on 3). But if I had more people, I could lead the development of the new project based on one of my own ideas.
Posted 5 months ago2023-09-08 14:45:33 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #347846
New release

  • New parameter Gravity Setting for pickups (items, weapons and ammo)
  • Customizable models for ammo entities.
  • Add Master parameter for scripted_sequence. If the script has a master, then it won't possess the monster until the master is enabled.
  • Sound Radius parameter for func_tracktrain
  • Add HG_HOSTILE sentence group for human grunts to use against non-player non-alien enemies (in Half-Life they use HG_ALERT only against player and HG_MONSTER against alien monsters).
  • Add Speech Group parameter for talk monsters. It's a custom prefix used by a monster. E.g. you can make Barney talk like scientists by specifying the SC Speech group. Note that the monster will still use its original pain and death sounds in this case.
  • Add bigmomma_wait_fix configurable feature in featureful_server.cfg. When enabled info_bigmomma entities actually use the provided Wait value (bugged in original Half-Life).
  • Fix the upper rope segment sometimes incorrectly aligned.
  • env_warpball can create AI sounds now (e.g. combat sounds).
  • New flags Relative Teleport and Random Destination for trigger_teleport.
  • Allow +use, flashlight and other impulse commands during weapon reload (those commands are locked during reload in original Half-Life).
Posted 6 months ago2023-08-19 19:11:56 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #347787
In case the project won't use opfor ally soldiers, one can make a custom model for opfor human grunts which would look like a guy in HEV. Then also replace sounds and redefine sentences. Of course it's a hacky solution but it's at least something.
Posted 6 months ago2023-08-17 17:04:31 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #347781
Every mod impements HEV scientists differently and there's no golden standard (different behavior, different models).
I will need to think of the best way to implement them.
Posted 6 months ago2023-08-17 13:48:27 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #347779
Your pic doesn't load for me.
If you mean the cleansuit scientist, it's already in the mod.
Posted 6 months ago2023-08-07 14:43:19 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #347762
New release

List of important changes:
  • Target on pickup now works on ammo entities too.
  • Fix zombies not being able to attack sentry turrets (original Half-Life bug).
  • func_ladder can be turned on and off.
  • Don't mess Yaw spawnflag for env_sprite. In Half-Life the yaw value set in the editor for env_sprite is used as a roll value in the game. It's programmed this way due to some historical reasons and it makes oriented sprites setup harder. The new spawnflag is added to overcome this problem.
  • Female assassin cloaking ability can be controlled by sk_hassassin_cloaking skill cvars. If they're missing, the original behavior from Half-Life is used (cloaking enabled only on Hard difficulty).
  • Configuring custom amount of gibs for func_breakable and func_breakable_effect.
Posted 7 months ago2023-07-06 15:04:08 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #347688
New release of Half-Life Featureful SDK (including the mod sample) is available.

Incomplete list of changes:
  • Added func_illusionary_toggle
  • "Victory dance" AI schedules of human grunts and alien grunts are now interrupted by danger sounds (e.g. grenades).
  • "Move away" AI schedules (when the ally monster is "pushed" by a player) are now interrupted by damage and danger sounds.
  • New configurable feature doors_open_in_move_direction to allow opening rotating doors in the direction of player's moving instead of facing.
  • Fixed a crash when controllable func_tank is triggered with null activator (original Half-Life bug).
  • Voice pitch of talking monsters is now customizable in entity properties.
Posted 8 months ago2023-06-11 23:41:46 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #347603
I'm not sure why you bring up all of this.
The opengl hacking is not planned in this SDK.
The only place where the OpenGL is used is to set the opengl fog type (the engine uses the exponential one by default, but it can be configured with opengl call), and this is completely optional.
If you're interested in graphics improvements on the opengl level, you might resort to Trinity or some other sdk with custom renderer.
Posted 8 months ago2023-06-07 15:23:40 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #347588
It supports Linux. It's mentioned in the README on github.
As for macOS, as far as I know GoldSource doesn't work on modern macOS versions, and you can't even build 32-bit applications for macOS anymore. So I guess the only way would be to play on 64-bit version of Xash3D-FWGS, and I haven't tested the 64-bit builds of my SDK yet.
Posted 8 months ago2023-06-05 13:54:51 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #347583
Hi everyone. You may know me as a developer of Half-Life mods like Field Intensity and Half-Life: Induction.
While working on Field Intensity, I made my own version of Half-Life SDK incorporating a lot of features that I needed in the mods I worked on or implemented just for fun. A few months ago I've come with a name for the SDK and properly published it on github.

Github Repository

Currently the releases include one map that demonstrates a number of features (but not all of them). I might make more demo maps in future.

Some excerpts from the wiki:

Half-Life Featureful aims to serve as a base for a classic Half-Life mod. This SDK provides entities from various mods and official addons, as well as additional entity parameters, bugfixes and new monsters' abilities and behavioral changes. Half-Life Featureful is meant to be used by modmakers without experience in HLSDK programming, who seek for easy ways to bring more features to their mods.

Feature overview

  • All Opposing Force monsters and weapons are implemented, as well as other opfor-specific entities (excluding CTF-related).
  • Some of Spirit of Half-Life features merged into the codebase, e.g. the locus system.
  • Modeled health and HEV chargers and eye scanner from PS2 version of Half-Life are implemented.
  • Introduced many new entities and additional parameters for standard Half-Life entities useful for a mapper. Timers, trigger randomizers. Useful properties for monstermaker, scripted_sequence and scripted_sentence. Precise configuration of some behavior aspects of monsters.
  • Improvements to monsters' AI and new abilities for standard monsters.
  • A lot of features and behavior aspects can be adjusted specifically for your mod via the Feature configuration files without rebuilding the game libraries. E.g. the unused custom weapons can be disabled and their assets won't need to be distributed with the mod.
  • Crossplatform. Support for GoldSource (including old pre-SDL2 versions) and Xash3D-FWGS engines. VGUI and VGUI-less builds. SDK potentially may work on mobile platforms, but it needs to be tested.

Some Q/A

Q: Why is it called Featureful?
A: In the context of this SDK features are adjustable gameplay aspects. Most of the features are configured via text files and don't require rebuilding of the game libraries. In that sense "customizable" or "featureable" would fit more, but "featureful" just sounds better.

Q: You call it featureFUL, but the SDK X provides more features to me!
A: There're different Half-Life SDKs available, and each of them has their own focus. Featureful may lack some of the features that exist in other projects, but it also introduces a bunch of its own additions and improvements. More features will be incorporated in future.

Q: Is there a roadmap for future updates of this SDK?
A: There's no strict roadmap, but you can look at the TODO list.

Q: Is it well-tested?
A: The mod Field Intensity is based on the same code, but the ability to adjust features via configuration files is a recent change and it's not present in the mod, so this particular detail needs to be tested better.

Q: If Field Intensity uses the same codebase, why Featureful SDK lacks some of FI additions like scalable HUD, captions, objectives interface and improved squad mechanic?
A: Some of these features were quite experimental and not ready to be merged back into the main codebase. Some of them are made for Field Intensity only and probably won't be merged back at all.