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Let's say theres a setup of three maps. If I go through map 1 to map 2, there is no problem. But if I try to get from map 2 to map 3 after that the trigger does not do anything. Yet, if I load into map 2 via the console, the trigger into map 3 works as it should. The trigger also functions if I load a save in map 2. Any ideas?
Posted 1 week ago2024-07-02 23:17:21 UTC
in Creating a texture swap for a mod Post #348945
Oh my bad, I did everything, but forgot to set the mod directory in J.A.C.K. !
Posted 1 week ago2024-07-02 22:19:49 UTC
in Creating a texture swap for a mod Post #348943
I want to change the texture of the zombie monster for a mod, but only for the mod, rather than replacing the actual game files. How do I do that?
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Posted 4 months ago2024-03-06 15:41:08 UTC
in Custom textures in greyscale Post #348636
Yeah my bad I just noticed I must have chosen quake1 wad. Thanks for the help!
Posted 4 months ago2024-03-05 17:46:26 UTC
in Custom textures in greyscale Post #348631
For some reason, after creating .jpeg textures and putting them in wally, they turn greyscale in the editor and pitch black in game?
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screenshots as it looks in the editor and wally
Posted 7 months ago2023-12-04 12:57:41 UTC
in Errorless funnels Post #348145
Damn, that's some useful info, I had no idea you could scale verticies! Thanks!
Posted 7 months ago2023-12-03 19:58:08 UTC
in Errorless funnels Post #348139
Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to create a funnel out of a hollow cylinder without any errors with the vertex tool.
In my new map I want the middle to be a funnel, like the one from star wars in cloud city. I just can't figure out how I can create something like that without breaking the laws of goldsrc. Any ideas?
Posted 7 months ago2023-11-25 13:41:45 UTC
in Finding out how a map works Post #348084
At the very least, as long as the triggers exists in the BSP you should be able to read their data using Ripent or a viewer like BspGuy, but they should also show up when using a decompiler.
You said you already tried decompiling and using a viewer. Which were they? Did any entities show up or was it just the trigger that didn't show up?
I tried decompiling with bsp2map, and the triggers were just not there at all, and crafty's object viewer to view the bsp, where the textures where white and no models or triggers were showing up.
Posted 7 months ago2023-11-25 12:42:23 UTC
in Finding out how a map works Post #348082
I would like to check how certain triggers of a map work, but I only have a .bsp of it.
It's an older map I made before, but I lost the editor file of it, and there is a trigger that I want to use in a newer map on it, but I have no idea what it's values and stuff were.
Is there a way to check that?
I tried decompiling it to a .map file, but the triggers don't show up there, neither do they show up in a .bsp viewer
Posted 7 months ago2023-11-24 16:19:57 UTC
in 25th anniversary of half-life Post #348078
Perhaps a compo with func_vehicle?
Great idea
Interesting offer, do you have discord?
Posted 7 months ago2023-11-20 20:37:19 UTC
in 25th anniversary of half-life Post #348070
Are we gonna do a mapping competition for the anniversary??
Posted 8 months ago2023-10-21 18:41:53 UTC
in Problem using -nowadtextures Post #347966
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`Using mapfile wad configuration
Wadfiles not in use by the map will be excluded
Wadinclude list :

(0.02 seconds)
(0.12 seconds)

Including Wadfile: \Users\mikol\Downloads\vulzacn\tools\zhlt.wad
- Contains 2 used textures, 5.00 percent of map (19 textures in wad)
Using Wadfile: \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\de_heights\de_heights.wad
- Contains 38 used textures, 95.00 percent of map (38 textures in wad)

Wad files required to run the map: "de_heights.wad;"
Texture usage is at 1.31 mb (of 32.00 mb MAX)
0.24 seconds elapsed

----- END hlcsg -----

I can't find much info about the command at all, so I'm not sure what exactly I have to type in. I'm using Vluzacn's ZHLT v34 compile tools in J.A.C.K. hammer, and the texture file I'm trying to embed is in the maps folder of my ""mod"" which is just a counter strike map under the name of de_heights. Do I have to add a specific path? I know that the tutorials I've seen about this talked about some mysterious batch file, but I'm not sure what they mean.