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Created 11 years ago2009-04-07 12:54:16 UTC by satchmo satchmo

Posted 11 years ago2009-04-07 12:54:16 UTC Post #265176
Windows XP is scheduled to officially expire in a week.

Microsoft really wants its customers to migrate to Vista or Windows 7. The following is an official statement from Microsoft:
It?s important to remind customers that Microsoft are still planning to retire XP Pro Mainstream support on April 14, 2009 and will only provide OS security updates beyond that date unless the customer has an Extended Hotfix Support contract.
So if you haven't upgraded, it may be time to do so, or you'll end up with a deadbeat OS.
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Posted 11 years ago2009-04-07 12:59:43 UTC Post #265177
and will only provide OS security updates beyond that date
Seeing as Windows XP is already very mature and most of the bugs excluding those concerning security are resolved, no more non-security patches is just fine. XP isn't a "deadbeat" OS and won't be for a long time. There's still many legacy machines that won't be capable of running Windows 7. XP will still have a huge userbase even after being discontinued and developers will still ensure their software is compatible because of this.
m0p m0pIllogical.
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-07 13:11:24 UTC Post #265178
I'll be sticking to XP until the release of 7, or maybe a little later if 7 starts out of a bad note.
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-07 13:17:02 UTC Post #265179
Time to format, reinstall XP, download and install all the updates and service packs and some additional apps, then use some kind of image software to make an image of the entire XP installation.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-07 13:18:33 UTC Post #265180
I'll be sticking with XP until Windows 7 will be at least 1 year old( or at least after the first service pack - then, I'll buy a copy)
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Posted 11 years ago2009-04-07 15:02:35 UTC Post #265181
XP won't be a deadbeat OS for a long time, simply because it has such a large userbase. There will be no choice but to support XP for years to come, at risk of eliminating a very large portion of the market.
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-07 22:04:13 UTC Post #265205
XP updates will still be available, guys.
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-07 22:46:25 UTC Post #265206
Yeah i was guna say, you'll always be able to download the current updates and patches, they just won't be offering any new ones after the 14th, right? (except to "Extended Hotfix Support" contract holders)
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Posted 11 years ago2009-04-08 01:58:18 UTC Post #265211
I had Win 98 right up until 2004. I intend to do the same with XP, which I try not to upgrade anyway (my friends call me the upgrade paranoid, but they got bugs and cripples that I didn't). So I don't really mind if they don't release new stuff, I ignore the great part of it. There ain't no way they're cramming more DRM down my pipe!
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-08 02:29:18 UTC Post #265214
Upgrade??? Wat dat word???

No, seriously, I DON'T upgrade. Simply because the problems I know are better than the ones I don't...
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-08 02:42:04 UTC Post #265215
No Vista or 7 is gonna run on my old machine, so It won't get an upgrade, that's for sure.
Gonna upgrade to 7 on my new one, though.
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-08 03:17:47 UTC Post #265216
i only got service pack 2 just so i could get the better windows movie maker
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-08 20:54:42 UTC Post #265237
the better windows movie maker
To get the most out of Movie Maker you need to send it to the recycle bin.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-09 00:15:09 UTC Post #265239
They're still offering regular security updates for Windows 2000, you know. XP is FAR away from being a deadbeat OS. There are people out there who don't even know that Vista or Windows 7 exist, and Microsoft doesn't just go around cutting off support for its most broadly used application. I think there's three classrooms in my whole school that even contain Vista machines, everything relevant is on XP.
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-09 04:40:43 UTC Post #265243
XP updates will continue up to 2014 afaik, the support, that is the phone support and all that stuff will be cut off for most people. So its still worthy for atleast 2 more windows version to come and go.
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-09 05:57:27 UTC Post #265245
Don't worry, hopefully everyone will have lauched nukes at everyone else by then and with all the nuclear winter and all that, no-one could give half a shit about XP... or any computer for that reason.
Jessie JessieTrans Rights <3
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-13 06:12:55 UTC Post #265462
OS X/Ubuntu/smug --->
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 11 years ago2009-04-13 16:46:51 UTC Post #265483
Nice Seventh, i'm installing Ubuntu on my lappy soon too(As soon as i can find a wireless lan driver for my rig that will work)
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