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Created 10 months ago2017-07-25 13:03:08 UTC by UrbaNebula UrbaNebula

Posted 10 months ago2017-08-14 22:55:47 UTC Post #336883
@Windawz: Constant Glow worked like a charm. Thanks. :glad:
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-16 15:36:18 UTC Post #336914
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-17 19:35:13 UTC Post #336916
Woah @Windawz! Nice map.. I am still working.....

// EDIT:
@Urby Please count me in! Thanks!

My map is 75 % is completed 25 % for adding scientists and computers or big computer wall....
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-18 13:32:22 UTC Post #336930
Didn't even notice you weren't in the list SSB. You have been added :)
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-18 21:01:31 UTC Post #336932
Thanks my dear @Urby :)

PS: Small problem who can make rotor with faked shadow? Like any maps I have seen faked shadow from rotor.

Like this If I create func_illusionary brush than I create func_rotating with zhlt_usemodel with func_illusionary brush

than It doesn't throw shadow. I don't know like NS Maps or CS maps.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-18 23:43:09 UTC Post #336933

Well, first of all make a fake shadow of your rotor with thin brushes textured with BLACK. Then make it a separate non-solid func_rotating with "Render Mode" set to "Texture" and "FX Amount" set to a number you want.

You can download Stalkfire from the Map Vault, there's a fan/rotor on the map that casts a fake shadow. As far as I know it has a .rmf file included, so you can open it and see how it's done.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-19 08:39:01 UTC Post #336934
Thanks for explanation my dear @Windawz! That is made by Trempler! Typical TrEmPlEr! He is really a high advanced mapper.

And how does it work with zhlt_coplanarpriority? If I brush from func_rotating to floor ( down floor brush ) Is it possible? But Trempler's map looks weried because player goes to not-solid brush func_rotating and has unit 1 high and sometimes can caught if not-solid brush - faked shadow.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-19 09:12:45 UTC Post #336935

Raise the fake shadow a bit and texture the side faces with NULL. This should look fine.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-19 20:19:18 UTC Post #336936
Yeah I already tried.

If I use floor as func_detail than I set up zhlt_coplanarpriority "-1" or "0"
than in-game looks like flicked texture. so sad.

// EDIT:

I am working with this:
User posted image
Is it better or werid? But i think I need 2 double shadow if floor has grate and down of floor has same shadow If you see my picture - If you can not see than I will complete my map than Urby will check and see in-game shadow from down floor.

// Update:
User posted image
I try scripted_sequence system without talk!

Just scientists work busy and goes to his college of science and another scientist will runs to evalator. Oh no evelator happens because another scientist doesn't know and falls to depth and dies. Than player found to button for exit door. I think it is easy for me - If you like that?
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-20 12:06:49 UTC Post #336951
I won't deny it, I haven't done anything of note yet. I... probably will?

I need to throw myself into the role, and soon.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-20 14:36:49 UTC Post #336954
How is everyone getting on? I've not been able to invest much time in this yet, so the deadline is very likely to get extended to include my week off in September. :P

I've seen a few screenshots, but only from a couple of the people who signed up? Any progress reports from anyone else? :D
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-20 15:29:22 UTC Post #336955
I've made very little progress since the screenshots I've uploaded (and those were with a level so incomplete I had surrounded it in a big lazy skybox just to test a few things). That being said, I tend to get mapping inspiration in spurts so I could suddenly bang out a bunch of stuff in a few hours. I am definitely behind on where I've wanted to be at this point though.

I have just finished editing two sound files for use in the level though. I've also already finished creating the custom textures I needed for the map (most of the textures are stock HL textures).
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-20 16:33:02 UTC Post #336957
I cobbled 2 other maps together... deja vu....

Is this mod gonna be ld or hd? It was really jarring seeing phillip playing the tower in HD, then see ld models and it looked weird. Knowing this would also help me decide what custom models to use
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-20 16:55:34 UTC Post #336958
Tried Jackhammer after all the positive comments here and gave it up after 2-3 days, the texture skewing/lock tool was nice though. Went back to Wallworm, so most of my map is going to be models.
Otherwise, not much going on my side since my 6 y/o IPS monitor decided to stop booting up. Been looking through it in the hope i'd find the culprit, capacitors and everything seem all ok.
Bought 2 iiyama amva panels from Amazon before i do anything else; been waiting 2 weeks on them now. Supposedly they arrive this thursday, but that's what they said last week as well...
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-20 17:18:47 UTC Post #336961
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Opening the exit airlock is the easy part...
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-20 18:40:20 UTC Post #336962
Is this mod gonna be ld or hd
I'm going LD, but it's essentially up to the mapper for custom models and then ultimately the player for everything else.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-20 19:08:44 UTC Post #336963
Doesn't really affect on me since I can't model. Ha!

Had to make some volume adjustments on my sounds (volume # in ambient generic barely seems to have an effect on a sound, so only helps if the sound in question is already close to where you want it). Hopefully they are better now (background sound much quieter and less overpowering and one little voice bit is now a bit easier to hear).

I've started getting some more brush work and texturing done but it's still rather slow going.

That being said, the final "confines" of the playable area are almost done. There's just a bunch more things to do within those confines!
User posted image
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-24 13:04:34 UTC Post #337007
I need to clarify something:
User posted image
The upper level goes beyond the limit, but it's not accessible in any way, even though it looks like it is. Is it alright?
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-24 16:56:33 UTC Post #337009
The map itself can be as big as you like. If the player can't get up there, you get a pass. :D
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-25 03:38:13 UTC Post #337012
Got some more stuff done today. Plus I hashed out some more ideas on how I want to set certain things up within the map that I was stuck on before.

I definitely took advantage of the allowance to walk on the topmost brush of the "cube".
User posted image
Once I finish the rest of the major geometry I need to rapidly learn some Half-Life entities that I could never use in Counter-Strike.
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-25 04:49:21 UTC Post #337014
Yep havnt yet started (cos all my free time is spent doing a musical and other stuff recently) but will make some time on it over next few days and see what I can come up with...
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-25 12:35:55 UTC Post #337029
I'm pushing the initial deadline back. Good news for any of you who have not yet started or even if you're just struggling... such as me. I'm cheating, ok?

Updated the initial post.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-25 21:35:02 UTC Post #337058
So I create full models for big room of laboratory.
I will create more If I have got not problems.
User posted image
User posted image
It is only 76 polys with 512x512 bmp -> I will paint nice texture like in life. I haven't problem because I optimize SketchUp as groups of meshes. If I 1 mesh and make group than it is 2 triangles and other grouped mesh same. Than result is 4 triangles = 4 faces than I export to obj with correct meters than I import obj into KHed than I make fresh uv mapping. Than It looks like this
User posted image
I hope I can it. Because I don't feel okay because laboratory room should have whole prop-models and merge to zhlt_usemodel and laboratory room should whole null/clip brushwork. I need fix.... :)
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-26 07:33:04 UTC Post #337064
Only now I realised there's no way for the player to get to the final floor. Dammit.
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-26 16:04:00 UTC Post #337068
random ladder of course
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-26 16:04:14 UTC Post #337069
or random rope
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-26 16:57:07 UTC Post #337070
Teleport, duh.
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-27 15:53:19 UTC Post #337102
And I try custom props with zhlt_usemodel from hidden room ( only cycler , no use cycler_sprite )
User posted image
Because I am using func_illusionary with origin textures.
User posted image
And I draw textures with gimp 2.8.22
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-27 20:53:07 UTC Post #337114
Made some good progress.
User posted image
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-27 22:05:24 UTC Post #337115
OMG look at these maps... Looking so pro!
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-27 22:33:16 UTC Post #337116
I might try my hand at this. Don't get your hopes up though.
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-27 22:49:45 UTC Post #337117
Yeah victor and all. I hope I can be done sometimes more prop models than i will release show screenshots sorry for hanging because I am trying faked sbadow like rotors throw shadow. I think better i use models and I make animation of model as faked shadows from rotor. ( just mask and chrome from mdl ). But i paint easy gray flat metals from gimp.
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-27 23:48:30 UTC Post #337119
Some screens from after my most recent compile. I think this'll be the last of the screens I show for now, then people can see it when the whole mod gets tested.
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 00:49:11 UTC Post #337121
@MistaX88 it looks completed. If your map is finish than you want give Urby now. S*** my map is not ready. I make easy because I haven't idea I should create room of laboratory that is why I make easy only normal room ( just not big )
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 00:53:51 UTC Post #337122
@SSB It's not completed though.
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 04:28:04 UTC Post #337123

Why the whole map is red?
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 04:41:02 UTC Post #337124
better question is, why isn't the whole map purple?
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 07:33:42 UTC Post #337131
@Mista, okay!

@2muchvideogames Hihi why not the whole map pink? ( like you're gay )
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 08:10:07 UTC Post #337132
Oh, SSB is 12. That explains it.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 08:24:21 UTC Post #337133
@Jessie, What is 12?

You mean age? Or what is that?
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 08:25:58 UTC Post #337134
One of the few times I wish I could 'thumbs up' a post on TWHL...
Strider StriderTuned to a dead channel.
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 09:33:44 UTC Post #337135
Wish not to threadshit, but it's incredibly out of touch and offensive to make that sort of association, SSB. It's not 2004 anymore.
Instant Mix Instant MixTitle commitment issues
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 09:51:43 UTC Post #337136
@Instant Mix what do you say again?

I really don't understand what are you saying? I didn't say bad. I respect everyone...
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 10:05:58 UTC Post #337137

"@2muchvideogames Hihi why not the whole map pink? ( like you're gay )"
Associating a colour with someone's sexuality which was stereotypically used as an anti-masculine insult / derogatory comment isn't really that OK. Does adding "Like you're gay" add anything constructive- let alone anything in general - to that sentence?
Instant Mix Instant MixTitle commitment issues
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 10:28:59 UTC Post #337138
Grrr @Instant Mix It is not insult just explanation. My god. stop forcing me! I am deaf and I know shy colour. I want stop because you don't know colour that. I leave now because you don't know about deafness and colours :( Bye now I remove and I hold back.

I cancel now because Instant Mix punishes me but i didn't say bad. Thanks for everyone.
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 10:53:32 UTC Post #337139
You just don't know about deafness and colours, Instant Mix. Deafness allows a person to perceive and identify what's known scientifically as 'The Gay Colour Spectrum' (or the GCS)¹.

Educate yourself, Oli.

¹Citation Needed
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 12:43:08 UTC Post #337140
Somewhat related, on the topic of color psychology and color theory in general (for those that haven't researched it before - i'm sure many of you here know this stuff inside out), you can learn so much from short videos all over the web nowadays, like:
They're film related, but applies to pretty much everything having to do with level design.
I remember looking up stuff like this when i simply had enough of obnoxiously distorted color palettes in recent sci-fi movies, where everything had a beyond ridiculous blueish tint.
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 15:06:55 UTC Post #337141
@Kachito Yeah you're correct!!! That is right like colour. I said that.
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 18:50:03 UTC Post #337145
kids call each other gay all the time, I know i did it in high school alot. Dont have to get offended by that, they're kids, not flame-war seeking conservatives
Posted 9 months ago2017-08-28 19:37:23 UTC Post #337147
Maybe we should stop discussing this in a mapping thread?
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