TWHL Pockets Created 10 months ago2017-07-25 13:03:08 UTC by UrbaNebula UrbaNebula

Created 10 months ago2017-07-25 13:03:08 UTC by UrbaNebula UrbaNebula

Posted 10 months ago2017-08-03 06:41:37 UTC Post #336687
Yeah, that's a missing face. At least I know what you're talking about now. :D
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-03 07:22:58 UTC Post #336688
Well, there's a point to use the UMVHLT then. Automatic missing face fixing sounds good. I hope 20% faster compilation is also true. Maybe we really should use it.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-03 07:55:49 UTC Post #336689
Thanks I am waiting that you understand "missing face".

@Windawz why we should maybe use it? If it happened. Urby compiles my map in thwlpockets map than he will play as test than he found many missing faces in my map. We need to use it.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-03 09:06:06 UTC Post #336691

Well, it's up to Urby whether we are going to use vhlt or umvhlt.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-03 10:48:28 UTC Post #336693
I don't see anything in the description that says it fixes missing faces.


It's great that tiny missing face is fixed. Now you should fix your texturing.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-04 18:05:53 UTC Post #336695
My @Unq - I already fixed textures but it is not made by me just original vhlt looks hurting because it gives many missing faces. My work of textures are original and fresh. I didn't mess up my textures.

// EDIT:
My pipeline is completed. Now I am creating real door from SKetchUp and Blender ( down and up )

Door has 120 polys enough, good. I can optimize low poly :)
User posted image
I paint maximal size 256 x 256 because studiomdl won't be crazy if I use 512 x 512. So far I am good to draw with models. Since December 2016 I am practicing with youtube videos creator / explainer "BornCG".

My status of workstation with map twhl pockets
Pipeline = 50 %
Doors = 25 %
cables connection to exit's door = not completed.
1. Hallway = completed. 100 % possible?
2. Hallway = 30 to 40 %
1. Room = not completed
2. Room and more = not completed.
Futurstic city from window = not completed.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-05 23:49:31 UTC Post #336741
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 13:40:21 UTC Post #336742
Looking good :D
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 14:41:17 UTC Post #336743
It appears that you can avoid z-fighting between a world brush and a detail brush embedded into it by setting the detail level of the dbrush to 0:
User posted image
User posted image
Something I didn't know until now.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 15:21:15 UTC Post #336744
@Windawz easy to read correct with The303's website

I think you need more textures example {tex_01, {tex_02, .. very close like Trempler's CS map full detailtextures
Or you mean overlapping brushes?

I hope my solution helps you.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 15:24:10 UTC Post #336745
It's overlapping textures from what the editor looks like. No need for that page at all.

You know, it's easy to fix, just resize the centre brush to fit in the outer edge.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 16:39:18 UTC Post #336746
It's not always easy to fix, and if it's true, it could save wpolys quite often.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 18:04:06 UTC Post #336747
Yep, embedding one brush into another can save you a lot of time. Plus you can use it to place custom decals, I think.


The links SSB are pretty useful though, especially the last one. I wonder if 'zhlt_coplanarpriority' works on other entities too, not just func_detail. It should.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 19:05:37 UTC Post #336748
@Windawz: Or is it possible helps you?

I think that you mean brush chops brush?
User posted image
User posted image
just func_detail -> detail level is "0"

Just example map if you download this and try J.A.C.K.

I hope my example map explains you.

// @Loulimi
It is only 10wpolys
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 19:22:29 UTC Post #336749

We misunderstood eachother once again. I found out that func_detail with "Detail level" set to 0 won't cause z-fighting (that weird effect when two faces overlap) with world brushes.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 20:55:46 UTC Post #336750
Hey, you're right! That's a cool trick! Saves carving up the wall or adding clip brushes around signs.

I wonder if there is any negative impact... I can't imagine so.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 21:24:14 UTC Post #336752
@Windawz Okay I think we miss understand?
You mean z fighting?
Aaaah I found that zhlt_coplanarpriority need 1 or 2, or more..
@Urby do you mean it is correct?

Like this:
Example Overlapping 1:
User posted image
Texture A will stay and Texture B is over than Texture A.
Texture A : zhlt_coplanarpriority = 0
Texture B : zhlt_coplanarpriority = 0 or 1

Overlapping 2:
User posted image
Texture A stays in backgrounmd
Texture B overlaps over Texture C
Texture C stays between Texture A and Texture B
Texture A : zhlt_coplanarpriority = 0
Texture B : zhlt_coplanarpriority = 1 or 2
Texture C : zhlt_coplanarpriority = 0.

I think it is really correct?
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 21:27:54 UTC Post #336753
Hey, you're right! That's a cool trick! Saves carving up the wall or adding clip brushes around signs.

I wonder if there is any negative impact... I can't imagine so.
I remember optimizing my last completed gs map using this technique. You can take it a bit further and basically use the same concept as in source, when dipping the func_details into a pit of world brushes to optimize your map; i thought everyone was doing this already...
Anyway, when you're dipping into water, the func_detail disappears if it overlaps a world brush, leaving you with an invisible brush as if textured with bevel. Or at least that's what i remember, it has been a while :sarcastic:
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 21:30:50 UTC Post #336754
Oh boy, we need to stop; no more tips and tricks... They're gonna iterate the core for the 500th freakin time.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 21:48:30 UTC Post #336755
Oh boy, we need to stop; no more tips and tricks... They're gonna iterate the core for the 500th freakin time.
The Core delayed for 4 years.
Shepard62700FR Shepard62700FRHalf-Cat is watching...
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-06 22:41:55 UTC Post #336756
You forgot a 0 there. /s

It's gonna be 2057 while men colonize Mars and we have flying cars, we still won't have The Core; or even AM for that matter.
for( every year passed )
self.iterateCode( );
team.delay( 10000 );
Makepost( "%s has been delayed by %d %s. Sorry, doing reiterating of the source code.",, delayed.amount, delayed.dayormonthoryearsorforever );
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 00:28:40 UTC Post #336757
So I really want know about model with additive and is it correct for light source? I already tried my own model with additive but it doesn't throw light effect. ( I already decompile lamp of Trempler's cs map and read qc. )

I create easy own light bitmap from Paint Net and I write $texrendermode "lamp.bmp" "additive"

And I try model in game nothing shows emission/emit or light-model? How do I fix for HL Vanilla? Why does Trempler cs map with "additive"? but The303 uses without " ... " just $texrendermode "lamp.bmp" additive. Is it correct?

How do I light to model like zhlt_copylight? I really don't understand what does "blog of google -> Custom lighting for models" say about light on model?
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 02:35:20 UTC Post #336758
Only if I could catch a word of what you're saying.

Perhaps you misunderstand what additive is? It doesn't "throw" light.

Can you provide us a picture of the failed attempt in-game?
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 05:18:57 UTC Post #336760
I'm worried that the theme I have in mind for my map will be a little too similar to my last one. I might start typecasting myself.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 09:57:31 UTC Post #336764
@James Luke 007,
I show you.
User posted image
My setting of cycle:
Render Mode = Additive
FX Amount = 255
FX Color = 255 255 255

But Trempler's cs map is:
cycle or cycle_sprite
Render mode = Normal
FX Amount = empty field
FX Color 0 0 0
What is it different? I have checked BspEdit 1.7 with cs map by Trempler.
Why do mappers have success with lighting models? For me no.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 17:17:59 UTC Post #336775
Progress. Been using that func_detail trick a lot :P
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 17:44:21 UTC Post #336778
User posted image
User posted image

Anyway, I'm pretty much done with my map now. Might polish it up a little more, but other than that, I'm happy with where it is. Should I submit it by sending a PM with a Dropbox link to the map source and WAD?
Dr. Orange Dr. OrangeBoth a fruit and a color
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 18:00:44 UTC Post #336781
@Dr Orange please do not use DropBox because DropBox always has problem. Please use because it has unlimited size if you upload. DropBox is forcer 40 mb limited...
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 18:44:04 UTC Post #336787
Dropbox is fine...
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 22:06:33 UTC Post #336788

I think it works not only with func_detail. Did you try the "zhlt_coplanarpriority" value?

EDIT: Nevermind. It seems to be working with func_detail only.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 22:43:24 UTC Post #336795
Mediafire master-race.

Anyways, it doesn't really matter what you host it on as long as it isn't region-specific or makes you go through several pages to get to the download, so the uploader can make a few cents from the ads.

Dropbox is also good. Not though.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 22:48:44 UTC Post #336796
SSB, actually I added an extra brush inside of the lamp that emits light. Thats the magic.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-07 23:28:40 UTC Post #336797
@James, but Dropbox of me happens "Your dropbox is temporary traffic" I really don't understand - but I never use illegal file sharing. I upload only sources, pictures and example files. Why does dropbox not want unban me and my brother tried to contact support of dropbox and my brother says nothing revived e-mail of dropbox. Than I hate dropbox because it doesn't help me. Now i am using has enough 50 gb free space for files, documents.

@Trempler thanks for explanation! I will try.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-08 01:25:11 UTC Post #336801
???... Are you implying Dropbox is an illegal file sharing site? Because Dropbox is not responsible for what their users upload. That's with the copyright holders.

I have a feeling you did something on Dropbox that would get you banned that you aren't mentioning.

I'm just saying, Mega.NZ is not recommended. Neither are uploading sites that give money out from ad revenue.

That won't affect your decision. I'm just pointing something out. You seem to be misunderstanding, Dropbox works just fine for me IMO.

Now can we please get back on topic?
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-08 06:21:26 UTC Post #336804
Yeah @James we go back on topic now and we need finish maps :biggrin:
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-08 07:35:10 UTC Post #336805
What about Mediafire?
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-08 07:55:05 UTC Post #336806
Now any updates room but I will add more...
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-09 02:21:51 UTC Post #336814
User posted image
User posted image

More progress
User posted image
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-11 21:49:54 UTC Post #336855
Dropbox doesn't have a file size limit, I have SMJ backups on there as well as the music source files.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-12 00:51:21 UTC Post #336856
Storage limit is a different story (Unless you have the cash for Dropbox Pro) but between the basic amount and the additional stuff they give you for referrals and whatnot it's pretty generous.
JeffMOD JeffMODCall 141.12
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-12 14:04:43 UTC Post #336860
A group of friends and I have managed to get our Dropbox to about 30 or so odd GB of space.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-12 16:18:10 UTC Post #336861
What's with the storage space greed? I have 5.2 gb and I've only used 26% of it.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-12 16:45:56 UTC Post #336863
WHy do you tell about dropbox? Please go back TWHL-Pockets!!!!
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-12 17:34:22 UTC Post #336864
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-13 19:27:06 UTC Post #336873
I plan on using the stock Track 10, file name Half-Life02.mp3
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-13 19:56:23 UTC Post #336874
Done a little bit more this weekend, but I'm still only on the basement. This is the last area before the player advances up to the next floor however.
User posted image
One thing I wasn't sure about. Is there a way to prevent these sprites clipping into the brushwork like that? I know I can use the 'glow' option, but that doesn't look right at all from a distance.
User posted image
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-13 23:04:07 UTC Post #336877

Set the "Render FX" to "Constant Glow" to stop the sprites from resizing.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-13 23:17:46 UTC Post #336878
Still no where near completion but I finally have some very early screens.
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-14 13:02:37 UTC Post #336880
Good to see people making progress. I am also nowhere near done, and most of my map is just blocky dev textures at the moment. Might have something to show tonight.
Posted 10 months ago2017-08-14 13:24:47 UTC Post #336881
Wow great work, dog @Mista! I think Urby need to buy a big bone for Mista because he is really dear dog! Wuff, wuff! Nice map. I make complete sometimes things
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