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I made a small tool to find the error code returned by LoadLibrary calls. This is needed because the engine doesn't report the error code for failed client.dll library loading.

Repository here:

See the README for usage.

The issue that made this tool necessary:

I also included additional information for finding missing dependencies using other tools, since the error code won't tell you which dependencies are missing.
I used Process Monitor to find it by looking for library load attempts after the client dll is loaded, this is what the relevant information looks like:
User posted image
The missing library is a debug version of a VS2017 redistributable library that contains the C runtime. The redistributable only contains the release version, and the client.dll was a debug build. Recompiling it as a release build solved the problem. If you have VS2017 with C++ support installed it will have installed this debug version so you would be able to run it regardless.

This should make debugging could not load library <name> errors much easier.
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It's a shame that dependencies are so hard.

I guess statically linking to the Visual C++ runtime is okay solution for most use cases? I assume that's what this error is most of the time.
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It might, i'm not sure.
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