Half-Life Model Viewer 2.2 beta update Created 4 months ago2019-04-05 12:13:45 UTC by Solokiller Solokiller

Created 4 months ago2019-04-05 12:13:45 UTC by Solokiller Solokiller

Posted 4 months ago2019-04-05 12:13:45 UTC Post #342410
I've released a minor update for Half-Life Model Viewer: https://github.com/SamVanheer/HL_Tools/releases/tag/v2.2
Posted 4 months ago2019-04-05 21:52:44 UTC Post #342412
V2.3 update: https://github.com/SamVanheer/HL_Tools/releases/tag/v2.3

Increased maximum texture dimensions to 4096. Some models made for Sven Co-op go up to 2048 so this should more than suffice.
Posted 4 months ago2019-04-06 16:39:32 UTC Post #342419
Welp... AVG hates it. It throws out a warning each time so that I have to say I trust it, and then I get a permissions error anyway...

I really should back things up before I overwrite them. :(
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 4 months ago2019-04-06 17:02:15 UTC Post #342420
Try this: https://github.com/SamVanheer/HL_Tools/releases/tag/v2.4

I fixed an issue with large models not displaying correctly. Natural Selection has a couple with a bounding box measuring in millions of units.

If this doesn't work, you can download the older version from the Github releases page.
Posted 4 months ago2019-04-06 17:20:52 UTC Post #342421
That's got it. Works a treat again.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 4 months ago2019-04-06 17:42:25 UTC Post #342422
I just updated it with this:
  • Added a new option to disable rescaling textures to power of 2
Posted 4 months ago2019-04-06 20:28:50 UTC Post #342424

People asked about the PS2 .dol format again, so i implemented support for it.

When loading a model you can change the filter to PS2 or All Files, then open a dol file. HLMV will convert the format and load it as usual.

You can then save the model as .mdl using the File->Save Model As... option.

The only difference between .mdl and .dol is the texture data storage.

.mdl stores it as an array of palette indices for each pixel, then an RGB palette.

.dol stores it as a 32 byte texture name (filename without extension), an RGBA palette, and then an array of palette indices for each pixel.

Conversion is automatic but does leave a trace, namely the leftover memory that comes after the palette. 256 bytes are left for each texture because the palette is converted from RGBA to RGB. It's a minor thing that you probably won't ever notice, but i can't fix that easily. It won't cause any problems though.

The SharpLife version of model viewer won't have this problem.
Posted 3 months ago2019-05-03 11:15:10 UTC Post #342568
If anyone has any requests for HLMV, i'm going to make one more update to the current version to add a read-only field that displays the pev->body value for a given combination of submodels.

After that the next version will the WPF based version so that could be a while.
Posted 3 months ago2019-05-03 19:28:26 UTC Post #342571
Most of the time when I enter the fullscreen mode the screen freezes with these black stripes... I hit PrintScreen and it gets back to render normally.
Posted 3 months ago2019-05-14 11:28:10 UTC Post #342615
I've released an update: https://github.com/SamVanheer/HL_Tools/releases/tag/V2.6
  • Added readonly field to display pev->body value
@MrMystery I hope the WPF based version won't have that, when it's done you'll need to try it out. I can't say when that will be though, only that NET Core 3 will release in September.
Posted 3 months ago2019-05-15 08:31:07 UTC Post #342617
One last update: https://github.com/SamVanheer/HL_Tools/releases/tag/V2.7
  • Fixed Test Origins values not applying to correct axes (thanks Marphy Black)
  • Fixed viewmodel origin being off by 1 unit in the Z axis (thanks Marphy Black)
Posted 2 months ago2019-05-19 14:38:14 UTC Post #342634
The last one, for real this time: https://github.com/SamVanheer/HL_Tools/releases/tag/V2.8
  • Properly open the save file dialog for screenshots, provide different extensions and a default filename
  • Infer screenshot extension from selected filename. Supported extensions are listed here: https://docs.wxwidgets.org/3.0/classwx_image.html#a9416097f955a828243cba8431e7044d4
  • Default file format for screenshots is now PNG
  • Use OpenGL viewport size to read & save screenshots
  • Set pack alignment to 1 to prevent padding from skewing screenshot result
  • Enable scrollbars in control panels when part of the control panel cannot be seen
  • Changed checkbox layout for the Model Display panel to avoid creating a vertical scrollbar when there would otherwise be enough space
  • Set correct OpenGL options when drawing axes
  • Add check to prevent crash if framebuffer creation is not supported
  • Rework UV render to texture code to eliminate need to use framebuffer
Posted 2 months ago2019-05-22 17:23:00 UTC Post #342643
This is awesome! Thanks SoloKiller
Posted 2 months ago2019-05-23 06:07:18 UTC Post #342646
Thanks SoloKiller.
Would be nice if there existed an quick and easy way to make simple models for Half Life. Or even to transform world geometry into a model.
Stojke StojkeOPL - 3
Posted 2 months ago2019-05-25 06:15:13 UTC Post #342653
Thanks a bunch. It works like a charm.
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