Question about trains Created 3 months ago2019-04-30 21:40:49 UTC by NiX14 NiX14

Created 3 months ago2019-04-30 21:40:49 UTC by NiX14 NiX14

Posted 3 months ago2019-04-30 21:40:49 UTC Post #342541
Hey, so i've made a train, it moves along the tracks like i want but then it dosen't rotate when a turn comes in, how do i make it rotate? Does it have to do something with origin block?
Posted 3 months ago2019-04-30 22:54:36 UTC Post #342542
You need a func_tracktrain for that.

It has to face east, and you'll set its angles with the compass in the object properties.
Otherwise it should work like a func_train.
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Posted 3 months ago2019-05-01 03:12:20 UTC Post #342543
Note that you will need to use path_track with a func_tracktrain rather than path_corner.
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Posted 3 months ago2019-05-02 14:58:49 UTC Post #342563
Thank you both of you, i managed to make it work.

Edit: I don't understeand why there is also sound coming out of path_track, everytime it reaches the path_track it playes elavator sound out of it, train sound is being played normal.
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