SoHL, entities help? Created 11 months ago2019-07-04 03:44:10 UTC by AK47NATOR AK47NATOR

Created 11 months ago2019-07-04 03:44:10 UTC by AK47NATOR AK47NATOR

Posted 11 months ago2019-07-04 03:44:10 UTC Post #342834
Hellooo. I need some help with the SoHL entites. But not with the calc ones. I need some basic cover on the monsters, what does master means, how to make those freaking barneys and scies talk not that random but like pre-disaster.

Let me explaing. In normal Half-Life, there is the Pre-Disaster flag, which stops them following you, and also talking stuff without aliens included. That's what I want.

But in SoHL, there is no such thing like Pre-Disaster flag. There is Master, which when setted, it makes them stop following you and there is a Speech Group in the keyvalues. There are also other keyvalues, but I think I understand their meanings and work.

Just to say, share everything you know about all entities, cause we don't really know when I am gonna get stuck again. I will appreciated. Also I think about making a TFC map, and I again need help with the entites, but there is some recources on the most basic and needed entities. I am trying to say that we need to have a Category about the SoHL entities, plus some guides to make this or that. Maybe minigun with a pointing laser (no, I don't mean the func_tanklaser)

This is a really serious thread guys. 😓
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Posted 11 months ago2019-07-04 14:06:26 UTC Post #342838
Honestly, I only noticed the pre-disaster flag was missing in SoHL recently as well. Sorry to say but the only solution I found was to open a map using the vanilla Half-Life FGD, place the entity, check the pre-disaster flag, then copy and paste them into the SoHL map.

Speech group will not help in this situation. That is a way of changing the sentences they use, so you could enter BA for a scientist and they would use barney's lines (assuming relevant lines exist). Some spirit mods use this method to add Otis into their maps without needing to code a new NPC.

SoHL also comes with a selection of maps that show you how to create certain entity setup which include player controlled, laser guided miniguns. Not sure if these were included in the latest version, but definitely one of them.

Truth be told, after basing The Core on the SoHL engine, I've really gone off it. It's a butchered mess of an engine with more problems than positive additions.
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Posted 11 months ago2019-07-04 20:41:43 UTC Post #342840
Which Spirit version are you using? I've mostly used 1.8 and it certainly has the Pre-Disaster flag there.
Posted 11 months ago2019-07-05 08:28:38 UTC Post #342842
So, the SoHL isn't that good of an engine.
I am using the 1.5 version. I can upgrade it, but it doesn't really gonna improve something. Well, I guess I can still go for the OpFor. Or does somebody know a mod, full with different new monsters. I know about Sven-Coop, really great mod, but can't get the sounds in-game to work. You can hear the clicks at the menu ,but the sound in play is gone. Much like I have turned off the sound down to 0.

Guys, if you know other mods with lots of entities, or how to fix the Sven sound problem, I would appreciate it. For now will stick to OpFor.

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Posted 10 months ago2019-07-07 19:49:31 UTC Post #342843
Xash 3D?
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Posted 10 months ago2019-07-07 19:53:50 UTC Post #342844
Xash 3D?
Bleh. Between those two, use Spirit.
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