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Created 10 months ago2019-08-07 14:01:38 UTC by hfc hfc

Posted 10 months ago2019-08-07 14:01:38 UTC Post #342967
What will happen to gunman. is it posible to officially add gunman to sven coop. along with other Half-life expansion packs.
What developers of Sven coop and valve thinks about gunman.
Posted 10 months ago2019-08-07 14:37:29 UTC Post #342968
Here's some posts from a 2 year old thread on why this may not happen
You're welcome to try this as an individual or community project, but that isn't something we'd likely have time to persue officially.
2nd Post
We CANNOT OFFICIALLY convert "Gunman Chronicles to Sven" or anything else without consent/approval from the original developers.
From Wikipedia: "After Gunman Chronicles was shipped, Rewolf Entertainment dissolved and its team members moved on to new ventures. "
Sven has an "Agreement with Valve Corp." which more or less equals "Don't make SC commercial (not a problems as SC is free), not do something that will hurt Valve's profits, do not do something that could cause Valve to get sued.
The last two are the problems, it could hurt Valve profits by a "very tiny amount" and it is possible that some old shareholder of Rewolf Corp. could see any "OFFICIAL SC Conversion" as a chance to sue Value or SC. (Both are very Unlikely to happen but please understand if we cause: hassle, bad news press problems or just "waste the time of Valve employees", then they could withdraw engine rights if they wanted to.)
Additionally some SC dev's have NDA's with Valve, which could make them liable for such problems.
If someone can get some sort of approval from an "old Rewolf developer", well then it is OFFICIALLY possible. Otherwise this has to be a community project.
Source: https://forums.svencoop.com/showthread.php/44559-Gunman-Chronicles-Campain-in-Sven-Co-op

About the only thing they were allowed to use is this cut music for an old version of SC.
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Posted 10 months ago2019-08-08 15:47:28 UTC Post #342973
As far as I know, Rewolf had engine access when they made Gunman. So I think that before an old Rewolf developer could give any approval they would need to discuss this with Valve first (which means that the SC team would need to add a lot of new lines of code to SC to be able to fully support Gunman).

Don't forget that Gunman also have drivable vehicles. :P
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Posted 10 months ago2019-08-08 16:44:57 UTC Post #342974
See Gunman Chronicles Co-op Project.
is unfortunately inactive, maybe you find people to carry on?

Posted 10 months ago2019-08-10 14:19:24 UTC Post #342986
Sad. why someone doesnt try to communicate with gunmas original developers.
Posted 10 months ago2019-08-14 13:26:36 UTC Post #343002
Gunman Chronicles is such a severely underrated game. I'm never letting go of that CD. It'll be a real pisser when that stops working.
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Posted 10 months ago2019-08-14 15:19:55 UTC Post #343004
make a backup?
Posted 10 months ago2019-08-14 19:49:09 UTC Post #343006
Mmm... dunno. Sounds like something an organised person would do.

That aint me.

Besides, I'm pretty sure you can just download it from ModDB now.
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Posted 10 months ago2019-08-22 10:48:53 UTC Post #343066
I think Gunman is now abandonware, since only a few people owns the original disc (I do), and now you can just download the game from moddb, also because the original dev. team behind it got dissolved as said above.

I don't think it will hurt Valve's profits AT ALL (they never added it to the Steam store), since they didn't even published it back in the day. Sierra did it, and it has gone bust too.

I think it's safe to port it officially to Sven or to whatever else.
Posted 10 months ago2019-08-22 15:32:00 UTC Post #343068
Always intriguing to see what became of these old development teams. Rewolf was dissolved after Gunman Chronicles shipped (i hope the devs got paid...)

The founders went on to start some new company, while the devs founded Streamline Studios which is still operating today in three countries. :)
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Posted 6 months ago2019-12-28 05:16:44 UTC Post #343516
I think Gunman Chronicles is ultimately owned by Valve (there was some sort of partnership I think) but it was nearly 20 years ago.
Posted 6 months ago2019-12-28 06:40:52 UTC Post #343522
Can we make a petition or foundation for valve to release it on steam and for sven coop.
Posted 6 months ago2019-12-28 10:41:39 UTC Post #343524
I think Gunman Chronicles is ultimately owned by Valve (there was some sort of partnership I think) but it was nearly 20 years ago.
The only connection to Valve is the GoldSource engine it was built upon. The custom code and content was property of Rewolf, which was little more than a mod team that was funded by Sierra. Like most mod teams, as soon as the game was released, the team was disbanded. Presumably the game and its content then officially became the property of Sierra in order to work on post-release fixes and patches. Sierra has since become a part of Activision Blizzard.

Wherever the source code and copyright for Gunman Chronicles are nowadays, you aint getting either and it certainly won't be coming to Steam.
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Posted 6 months ago2019-12-28 15:07:28 UTC Post #343525
We should do a community mapping project specifically for Gunman, like TWHL Tower, Cubicles or something completely new, except this time we'll be making it for Gunman, not Half-Life.
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Posted 6 months ago2019-12-29 00:17:29 UTC Post #343526
Isn't it possible for government to know who is the copyright holder? Or is it valve just doesnt want to spend man hours to contacting? How may we contact the copyright holder?

Gunman is coolest mod ive ever seen.
Posted 6 months ago2019-12-29 00:41:15 UTC Post #343527
Its not like ur gonna sell it anything.
Stojke StojkeOPL - 3
Posted 6 months ago2019-12-29 04:57:06 UTC Post #343529
The uncorrected proof of Raising the Bar talks about it a bit - some of the team worked at Valve with other Valve employees to finish the game.
Posted 6 months ago2019-12-29 07:08:06 UTC Post #343530
Gunman was a lot of fun. I remember when it first came out, I just assumed it was the distant future of the Half-Life universe with Xen-ish aliens on alien worlds.

I think it still kinda fits assuming the Combine is somehow defeated, although it's been forever since I played.
Posted 6 months ago2019-12-29 22:00:04 UTC Post #343531
Gunman Chronicles is set in a distant galaxy. It could technically be part of ANY universe. :P
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