Getting Hammered to the Max Created 9 months ago2019-09-16 16:03:56 UTC by wallworm wallworm

Created 9 months ago2019-09-16 16:03:56 UTC by wallworm wallworm

Posted 9 months ago2019-09-16 16:03:56 UTC Post #343134
As the developer of Wall Worm for 3ds Max and technical artist for Black Mesa, I'm often asked for tips on using Max for Source. Many Hammer users struggle with the transition. So I started a site for Hammer users to learn 3ds Max and Wall Worm called Hammered to the Max. With it you can learn how to use 3ds Max as your Source/Goldsource level editor (yes, entirely supplanting Hammer).

Here are a couple of the videos included there:
Basic Level Design
Procedural Displacements
Link above includes these and more.

Posted 6 months ago2020-01-06 14:22:43 UTC Post #343563
New video quickly demonstrating a bunch of the brush tools inside Wall Worm Pro Pack and how easy they are to edit.
Brush Tools Quick Tour
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-06 14:27:23 UTC Post #343564
Impressive looking stuff. I'd certainly look into this if I used Source.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-09 22:54:23 UTC Post #343582
Wow nice brushwork I wish it is better than Map2Curve :/ - I wish I have tool alternative to Map2Curve for Goldsource :pwned:
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