ZHLT info_smoothvalue Created 1 month ago2019-12-27 21:30:51 UTC by _Vissova_ _Vissova_

Created 1 month ago2019-12-27 21:30:51 UTC by _Vissova_ _Vissova_

Posted 1 month ago2019-12-27 21:30:51 UTC Post #343508
I'm trying to use an entity called info_smoothvalue to make a texture on a pipe look smooth instead of having hard edges, but it's not working and I can't find any info at all about this. I'm setting it up by disabling "smart edit" and adding a key with the texture's exact name and a value of 50. I'm also compiling with the ZHLT compilers. Am I doing anything wrong?
Posted 1 month ago2019-12-28 03:34:49 UTC Post #343510
The value is the maximum angle between the normals of two adjacent faces, beyond which they won't be smoothed.
So if the normals are 50 or more degrees apart, no smoothing will be performed across the corresponding faces.
Try lowering the number. If it doesn't work, try using the global HLRAD parameter -smooth # instead, where # is the value. It'll affect all faces, but at least we'll be able to find out if it works at all.
Posted 1 month ago2019-12-28 04:05:27 UTC Post #343511
I increased it to 150 and it worked. I don't know why I didn't bother messing with the number before asking for help.
Posted 1 month ago2020-01-01 18:00:11 UTC Post #343546
Keep in mind that a value of 255 corresponds to 90°.
So 50 doesn't mean 50°, but rather 50/255 out of 90°, in other words about 18°.
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Posted 1 month ago2020-01-02 09:56:12 UTC Post #343547
Sorry to hijack the thread, but now that its over and the answer is known, does anybody have a detailed explanation of all the extra new VHLT functions (Entities and compiler commands)?
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