Old street lamp realistic light ? Created 8 months ago2020-01-11 22:15:10 UTC by kakashi7593 kakashi7593

Created 8 months ago2020-01-11 22:15:10 UTC by kakashi7593 kakashi7593

Posted 8 months ago2020-01-11 22:15:10 UTC Post #343590
As you can see in the photo I created this small map, made light_environment some nice dark blue and the added this oldstreetlamp.mdl as cycler_sprite.
Then I added a light entity.
What I would like is for this lamp model to glow just like it would in real life, you know from this top spot where bulb is to actually glow and emit light.
How can I do that ?
lamp wont light uplamp wont light up
Posted 8 months ago2020-01-11 22:57:23 UTC Post #343591
It's super low-poly - any reason you can't just recreate it with brushwork and use a texture-light to represent the bulb and glass?

You can also add an env_sprite for an added flare glow.

If you need to use the model, you'll need to create an illuminated version of the material and light the entire model.
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Posted 8 months ago2020-01-11 22:59:03 UTC Post #343592
Forgive me if I'm wrong. But couldn't you use an info_texlight, then smart edit the key to be the name of the texture, and the value the color of the light?

So lets say I wanted to light up a sign and the sign's texture is "C1A1SIGN2B", and I also want to give it a yellow tinted light.

Create info_texlight
Smart Edit
The Key would be name of the texture
The Value would be the color of the light, so for example : 126 126 63 200
The end result would look something like the sign in this picture (taken from my own map)The end result would look something like the sign in this picture (taken from my own map)
Each texture that shares the same name will light up in the same value. Just make sure you're only adding the lights to the textures you want, and not the entire lamp. Also, a useful note: You can add multiple keys/values to an info_texlight. So you can use one info_texlight for multiple objects. I hope this helps.
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Posted 8 months ago2020-01-11 23:23:31 UTC Post #343593
Well I was able to find this model of lamp I want(seems its higher poly than previous one)

Looks like it was made to be used to emit light.
I opened this model with HL model viewer and there is a texture called "wall_lamp_bulb.bmp"

I guess I can just try to make that texture glow.
Edit : i just tried it, can't get it to glow.

Let me ask this, is there a way to have two lamps in my map and have one light up green and one with yellow ?
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Posted 8 months ago2020-01-11 23:36:25 UTC Post #343594
EDIT: I'm dumb, and mistook the problem for something entirely different. - You wanted a glowing model, and what I provided was a way to make textures glow. I apologize for the poor suggestion. You could try to experiment with this - What you could try to do is set the entity's Render Mode to glow, and set the FX Amount to whatever suits best, and the FX Color to whichever you'd like. However the entire thing would be glowing instead of just the lamp. I'm sure someone has a better suggestion, but I'm experimenting with some different things in hammer now, so I'll update here if I find anything interesting.
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Posted 8 months ago2020-01-12 00:15:46 UTC Post #343595
Thanks, I understood everything but I just wanted to ask just in case.
I tried everything, placing the entity inside and next to my cycler_sprite lamp model
Also the reason why I asked for different colors is, well, I have about 7-8 lamps like this one and I need to light all of them up with different values and even make one flicker.

Edit on your edit :D :
If you can please open up the link from this banana site I provided, you can see screenshots, creator was clearly able to get only the bulb glowing and that is what I also want to do.

This is what I got so far, weird, any idea ? (edit, nevermind that was sprite, I tried using that too, so far still dark doesnt work)
extra edit : I googled the hell out of this and couldn't find anyone talking about making only the bulb glow or only certain model texture glow.
Posted 8 months ago2020-01-12 00:47:41 UTC Post #343596
Oh okay, I see now. That DOES look like a some light entity over the model, but it looks like it's been played with a bit. Very interesting, I'll try experimenting with some of the values and get back to you. But for now, I'm pretty stumped on how that specific look is achieved. I'm sure someone with a proper answer can chime in.

EDIT: Here's something to try! (It won't turn out the same way though) Maybe create a block over the light bulb using any light texture, THEN create an info_texlight that references that block's texture as the key. That way, the block glowing could pretend to be the bulb's glow. Of course you would shape the block to be more of a sphere, but I think you get the idea.
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Posted 8 months ago2020-01-12 02:03:59 UTC Post #343597
I don't use env_sprite for lighting very much (Sorry!). But it looks like all you did was forget to set the Render Mode to glow to get rid of the black box. Then set the FX amount to 255 (or whichever preferred amount).
Then you'll get this!Then you'll get this!
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Posted 8 months ago2020-01-12 07:21:36 UTC Post #343599
Would using a light_spot with a small radius/brightness work?
Posted 8 months ago2020-01-12 08:07:31 UTC Post #343603
there are several options:
  • separate the model into two models of the lamp body and the glass, and for the glass model, give the model additive texture mode and brightness of 255, just make sure the glass texture is bright and precolored, that should work.
  • just make the glass from brushes and then you have many ways of making it bright, whether func_illusionary with various render modes like additive, texture or color, or use texture lights. This method would be easier for the second lamp model since it has only 4 flat pieces of glass.
it is possible to light a model with specific values but you have to place a small texture lit brush just below the origin of the model, that brush has to be world or func_detail, not a real entity. It can be as tiny as a few units and inside the model so its invisible but that's the only way, unless the model is huge, then you can use a tiny light_spot on the ground where it stands.
Posted 8 months ago2020-01-13 01:13:04 UTC Post #343608
Hey guys got the info from creator himself, hehe funny all he did was used two glow sprites, both at the origin point of the light bulb, first sprite smaller one is 0.25 size with additive mode so it doesn't resize as you move away and another one bigger with size of 1 and render mode of Glow sprite only

Here is how it looks like, and I love it

Posted 8 months ago2020-01-13 04:28:46 UTC Post #343609
Very nice! Happy mapping!
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Posted 8 months ago2020-01-15 02:17:25 UTC Post #343617
Check out this sample map I made for this. Also check out some notes I wrote about light_spot. ;)
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