Compiling dll problem Created 1 week ago2020-05-13 12:25:38 UTC by Zhouy Zhouy

Created 1 week ago2020-05-13 12:25:38 UTC by Zhouy Zhouy

Posted 1 week ago2020-05-13 12:25:38 UTC Post #344208

I recently picked up some coding I used to work on 6years ago. I tried compiling my code, and got a compiling error c2668. I solved this though, and my dll finally compiled.

However, when I moved the hl.dll to my mod dir and started the game, it's just like regular hl. It's like visual studio just ignored all my coding and compiled a default hl dll. I doublechecked to see if it compiled the right files, and that's what it should do.

I made some custom settings to other things like some hl maps and server settings etc and with this new dll, all my editing here is also ignored.

I think I used to have SDK 2.3 and now I downloaded SDK 2.4, to make it more compatible with newer versions of virtual studio.

Anyone knows what's going on? Maybe I should just download a earlier version of virtual studio and compile it like I used to back in the day? It's been a long time hehe..
Posted 1 week ago2020-05-13 15:07:37 UTC Post #344209
What code did you exactly change or add?
Chances are, if you switched to HL SDK 2.4, you maybe overwrote all the changes you did to your 2.3 SDK.

BTW about newer versions of Visual Studio, you should use Solokiller's updated HL SDK, works with Visual Studio 2019 even.
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Posted 1 week ago2020-05-13 15:43:01 UTC Post #344210
I tried this now:

I downloaded the SDK in your link because it's a newer version than the one I have. I compiled without change any code, it works alright.

Now I replace gauss.cpp with my modified work from 2014, where I make the gauss behave the same way in multiplayer like it does in singleplayer (longer chargin, unable to fly in air etc.). I know it should work because I compiled this before, and have an old compiled hl.dll from 2014. It compiles fine but no changes happens with the gauss. (This was just one of my modified cpp files for testiing purposes)

Maybe I should just stick to Virtual Studio 2010 and SDK 2.3? Maybe it's bad anyway to copy my modified SDK 2.3 files to 2.4 as these new cpp files might have updated code. And it's not like I want to recode all my old work :)
Posted 1 week ago2020-05-13 16:06:03 UTC Post #344211
Did you compile both DLL files? Weapons are both in hl.dll and client.dll.
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Posted 1 week ago2020-05-13 16:19:34 UTC Post #344212
Thank you for your answers, yes I did. :glad:
Posted 1 week ago2020-05-14 20:39:13 UTC Post #344215
Well, here's what you can do.

Use something like WinMerge or any code comparison website, compare what you've changed between HL SDK 2.4 and your own .cpp files.
And then carry over the differences to the updated SDK for VS2019.
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Posted 1 week ago2020-05-16 03:47:36 UTC Post #344223
What's in your mod's liblist.gam file?
Posted 1 week ago2020-05-18 19:06:20 UTC Post #344231
Touché... If it is not in the liblist.gam file it should not work.
Posted 6 days ago2020-05-19 13:23:00 UTC Post #344238
compiling dlls is "quite hard" and "some at valve should do that " ... for a little amount.. that would take them minutes to do it.. will for noob not knowing c or c++ it is nearly impossible... for those knowing c++ : it is very hard to have : the right os + the right visual studio + the right hl sdk ...without making a "very big expense" .. at the same time we can "use" unreal 5 or hl2 source 2 "for free" ...
these fags are dumbs.. and do not go github.. they are dumbasses either.. they "talk" about coding .. but no one tests [from the website] them...
even me i was able to fuck "some famous hl programmers from moddb .. they publish a lot of "project" that compile the same code from half-life valve hq..

i asked gearbox and valve to publish the code for opposing force.. but this one : they do not want...
same with the famous "sovietscccp" mod team .. why they do not open source the dll coding.. ???
they are promoted by steam that gave them the code for maps and engine... but nothing is gave to "customers" ; scandalous attitude..
good luck finding the needed help ;']
Posted 6 days ago2020-05-19 17:27:17 UTC Post #344240
compiling dlls is "quite hard"
I think you should get a second hand CD with MSVC++ 6.0, that´s what I did finally from a guy here in Spain (10€ lucky me!!).

Search on EBay and for less than 50$ your problems will go away. :)

If you want I can give you the old tutorial from TWL about set up MSVC++ and compiling both client and server dlls with which I am working for the last 15 years.

Warning: I am NO CODER, I can barely modify things here and there, I still don´t know how to do the "HELLO" program... :/
Posted 6 days ago2020-05-19 18:27:54 UTC Post #344241
"Search on EBay and for less than 50$ your problems will go away"
Or, you know, you can just get Solokiller's updated HL SDK, and Visual Studio Community 2019, and pay 0$.

Visual Studio 6.0 is practically abandonware (abbadon-ware :glad: ), and you can get it for free if you got a Microsoft account with the Dev Essentials thingy. At least I think so. Many older versions are available there after all, so.
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Posted 5 days ago2020-05-20 18:01:11 UTC Post #344251
i made a topic about my search :

i tried to get working with the famous solokiller... that is like me a famous "sovietsccccp" BANNED member... at github or elsewhere.. i saw he is roaming here.. but i never been able to discuss about dlls for me..
at github i was able to repair "the" opposing force code made by maillortie... that was not compiling [ i learned vc5 few days.. with the student edition.. that was incomplete and already unable to well compile vc4 [ or so : older ] project ...
the prob of maillortie or sollokiller code is that is the same from "valve" and like with svencoop or bms.. all the "texts" is about development.. that means future.. so you do not find the full opposing force dll in github .. but a code like half-life..

my vc that "works" is 2010.. but i am unable to do elaborate things in programming..
the human are from thousands years ago living in cavern and painting in them.. [ like making maps... ] but programming is very much "harder" mostly because that protects those who sell it : like microsoft or intel...
they sell the gpu or cpu 40 Billions transistors.... but they do not make a mainboard as easy to program as my old hardware calculator from school.. that was able to use a basic...and do complex operations...
i think that with the EFI SECURE PROMPT : it should be the right place to be able to program the cpu-gpu... by the way .. all cpu made by intel are buggy from the day they made their first pentium.. by now they can not pass the pci 4 speed either.. amd is having it from nearly a year now in his chipsets...

i hope here will be a place where i ll find devs for my dlls... may be solokiller will publish his svencoop dlls files ..
i promess to republish my "they hunger 3 .00 for svencoop 3.00" that was made with anything from sc3.5 or others than 3 , and no rmf from mister manke... [ that is "known" to have gave them to sven..[?] ]

i hope either that valve or gearbox will publish gearbox mods source code : they were good .. and reading decay or op4.. can help devs...
Posted 5 days ago2020-05-20 21:05:04 UTC Post #344254
Hold up. Sixcentgeorge, is that you?
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Posted 4 days ago2020-05-21 13:26:51 UTC Post #344257
of course .. i mean that i used this name in others forums..
it is cool to restart from zero ;'] i read your profile..
may be you can program my dlls ?
as you are an old hl lover : you should play echoes 1.4 beta ...
i debugged it a lot , 1.5 should be a real master piece ;']

i agree that compiling "correctly" the hlsdk is important .. but doing it with the code of valve.. means bullshit.. they could start to offer code from gearbox mods or even first hl2..
they could also help to pick parts of "dlls" .. i mean that in some mods.. the programmers / modders create entities...,, these entities are in the fgd and the maps.. may be picking them by "block and reinserting them in a new dll" could help create good games..

i hope you ll help me building the dlls i want.. may be with the help of solokiller.. but like i said before : he tries not to meet me... i dot know why.. i think i never really saw him there : at sovietsccccp forum ;'] i wonder why he does not publish old code of svencoop .. like the 4.7 ? or even the 3.00 .. these coop friendly player of hl ...
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