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Created 1 week ago2020-05-18 07:56:47 UTC by kruk kruk

Posted 1 week ago2020-05-18 07:56:47 UTC Post #344228
Well we go it officially available now XD So anyone playing around with it ? ;] any thoughts and comments on the new tools ?
Here's my test :> first time was afraid it will take me super long to get use to it XD but its really intuitive and powerful in my opinio still not going to far from the original editor feal.
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I've had experience with it in SteamVR, but I haven't tried out the workshop tools yet. I'll probably try them out once I buy HL:A this summer. I don't have any VR equipment, but I don't care at all. :D

I absolutely love Hammer 5 / Source 2 Hammer / Hammer 2.0 / whatever you call it. (canonically should be Hammer 5, but let's just call it Source 2 Hammer to avoid all confusion)
I love it, I love it, I just love it. I'd have sex with it if I could. It's just such a good piece of software.

I don't need to pull off 6 brushes to make a room any more. I can just invert a cube!
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And then do stuff to that inverted cube.
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Also, arches are so God damn easy to make now, as well as curved tunnels. Carving is GONE, too. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!
Let's say you got this thingy here:
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And you want to convert this, like, diagonal piece into an arch.
You'd just delete the 4 faces between them (this is all 1 "brush"), select the two edge loops, hit Bridge, and BANG!
Almost feels like cheatingAlmost feels like cheating
I can tell you, we've just entered a new age.
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Posted 1 week ago2020-05-19 07:29:07 UTC Post #344233
Yeah it's basically a modeling tool now with everything you need XD
And i love the new fast texturing how it can auto snap to grid or trim texture (still i dont know how it recognizes the trim texture)
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BTW they are porting cs go in the next few months right? he is so might get back to mp mapping :>
Posted 1 week ago2020-05-19 08:17:03 UTC Post #344234
Yeah, those are "hotspot" materials, they're really cool. I wish we had something like that in TrenchBroom or J.A.C.K....
Also, I think they might make a Source 2 version of it but not as soon as the next few months IMO. But I surely hope it'll come out, because I'd love to get back into mapping. uwu
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Posted 6 days ago2020-05-20 08:39:50 UTC Post #344245
I have no intention to work with these tools as I don't even like Source 1. What I will say though is that the way the editor works actually makes me think of the Unreal Engine, hollowing out world spaces rather than building them wall by wall.
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Posted 6 days ago2020-05-20 09:17:38 UTC Post #344246
Funny thing is, Source 1 has nothing to do with Source 2, as they're completely different beasts. One makes you angry, the other is just, I dunno, friendly.

The editor doesn't actually have to work that way, since you can build rooms wall by wall.
All the "brush" editing is still there, except you are no longer limited to just them.

In fact, I think that what I'm doing is a little bit wrong (inverting a cube), because I might fall through the floor that way in-game. But, I'll see about that in summer, or someone else can test it for me, lol. (edit: actually, no, you don't fall through the floor, so that's good)

The way the editor works is literally like a modeling program like Blender, except it's more specialised for level geometry. You can make a hollowed out room, but you don't have to.
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