train Created 1 month ago2020-12-02 18:48:20 UTC by beckaboi beckaboi

Created 1 month ago2020-12-02 18:48:20 UTC by beckaboi beckaboi

Posted 1 month ago2020-12-02 18:48:20 UTC Post #345003
im trying to get a func_train to activate when i step on a trigger but it seems like its just cursed. It would't go when i walked through the trigger, and when i removed the trigger, deleted and remade the train and path_corners, and copy pasted them into a seperate map with nothing else that could be affecting it, the train refused to move. please help me im at the end of my rope
Posted 1 month ago2020-12-02 21:59:47 UTC Post #345004
Func_Trains are tough to get going. I struggled with it myself. What you need to do is to set a path corner for the route. Func_ Trains won't properly work on regular path entities. If memory recalls you need to mount a linked route for it by holding down crtl + left click and creating the whole route for it that way.

Perhaps someone else can shed some more light on it. If not give me a shout and I will create you an example map which you can copy and paste into your own map.
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-01-10 02:10:02 UTC Post #345192
did you name the train?
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-01-10 15:15:23 UTC Post #345193
If you upload a test map to the vault then some of us could have a look. Without that it's difficult to see what's causing the problem.
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