Hello All! Created 10 months ago2021-09-22 04:44:49 UTC by undrgrnd59 undrgrnd59

Created 10 months ago2021-09-22 04:44:49 UTC by undrgrnd59 undrgrnd59

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Hi friends,

I’m an old TWHL user, back from before HL2 was even released, maybe around 2004-6. I might have been in middle / early high school at the time.

I still see a few usernames I can remember from the old forums and IRC. Awesome to see some of the same folks are still aroundafter all these years. I doubt anyone remembers me, because it’s been a long time since I checked in.

Just wanted to say this site really had a good influence on me. And I hope it will on all the new folks as well who are pursing their passions. Started with simple mapping, then photoshop, learning to make proper textures, file conversions, and eventually the basics of complex logic statements. Led me into making websites followed by the real nitty gritty coding work. Would say TWHL is responsible for encouraging and helping me work toward and find the career I have to this day (not gaming related, sadly, but it’s software engineering and I have my side projects).

So happy to see the site and community is still going strong. Wish everyone the best!

Silly as it is, my masterpiece was de_rats version of my bedroom back then, which recently reminded me of TWHL. If anyone ever feels like checking it out:

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And a deep dark secret finally revealed… check the Hammer editor screen on the desktop display… it shows a secret room. Goal is to jump into the closed drawer of the computer desk. Invisible ladder is a jump to top right corner of outwards drawer, to get you 1/2 way up. You’ll hit a second invisible wall as head toward back, then once again jump up towards top right corner to hit another invisible ladder (might have to crouch at top?). Then jump down inside the drawer (GL LOL), and run into the front facing panel wall of desk. There will be a short wall, which you can walk through, which will reveal a keypad (use flashlight). The combination to this is written on the notepad on top of the desk. It might have been obfuscated (as if anyone would figure this out accidentally) and haven’t tried it recently but guessing it something like 1306 or 4150. XD
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Welcome back! It looks like de_bedroom is on TWHL as well. :)
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