I need help with my mod Created 1 week ago2023-05-22 19:12:51 UTC by Yeye Yeye

Created 1 week ago2023-05-22 19:12:51 UTC by Yeye Yeye

Posted 1 week ago2023-05-22 19:12:51 UTC Post #347540
Hi ! im new in the modding community, i want to create a half life mod but i still have a error when i want to open the first map its says:

LoadLibrary failed on `� (126)
Host_Error: Couldn't get DLL API from `�!

pls, can somebody help me ?
Posted 1 week ago2023-05-22 19:26:08 UTC Post #347542
Welcome to TWHL!

What does your liblist.gam look like and what two game DLLs are you using and where are they located?
Posted 1 week ago2023-05-22 19:40:07 UTC Post #347543
// Valve Game Info file
// These are key/value pairs. Certain mods will use different settings.
game "Prueba"
startmap "2022_firstmap"
trainmap "t0a0"
mpentity "info_player_deathmatch"
gamedll "..\valve\dll\hl.dll"
gamedll_linux "dlls/hl.so"
gamedll_osx "dlls/hl.dylib"
secure "1"
type "singleplayer_only"

and im using the Dlls from half life but they arent in my mod folder
Posted 1 week ago2023-05-22 20:49:13 UTC Post #347545
Replace \dll\ with \dlls\ and it should hopefully work :)
Also, replacing
gamedll_linux "dlls/hl.so"
gamedll_osx "dlls/hl.dylib"
gamedll_linux "../valve/dlls/hl.so"
gamedll_osx "../valve/dlls/hl.dylib"
should make your mod playable on Linux and MacOS.
Posted 1 week ago2023-05-22 21:29:14 UTC Post #347546
Oh god, thank you i was so pissed with the game hahaha, i will post about my mod here if i can, thanks again
Posted 1 week ago2023-05-22 21:49:46 UTC Post #347547
Happy to help
Posted 5 days ago2023-05-24 06:25:02 UTC Post #347548
Welcome to TWHL. happy modding!;
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Posted 3 days ago2023-05-26 16:51:45 UTC Post #347562
Compatibility with MacOS is futile, Apple pulled 32-bit support years ago. I suppose if you have an older Mac it would still work, but who does?
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Posted 2 days ago2023-05-27 09:45:11 UTC Post #347564
If you don't want stress from terminal like I made shell script simple for studiomdl, Wally etc.

You need to download Wine for macOS

You should write as shell script for studiomdl.exe, Wally.exe and other.
/Applications/Wine/Contents/macOS/wine /Applications/Walla/Wally.exe "$@"
If you can't run native on macOS then you need use Porton from Steam
Find property of Half-Life then switch Compatibility then you can choose whatever you want version of Porton.
You find easy path $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Porton XX
XX <- means version number of Porton.

If you want develop HL-SDK then you need to install XCode from App Store or DVD of macOS.
Hl-SDK find directory linux and makefile can work also on macOS.
For modelling you need to install Blender and Blender Source Tools it works also macOS. But you need create shell script like I wrote beginning if you download studiomdl by The303 website then place to /Applications/ModelCompiler/studiomdl.exe for shell scripts should be active by $PATH like Linux also .
But I believe that you need access sudo like sudo cp studiomdl /usr/local/bin and execute sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/studiomdl

Enjoy runtimable gaming :)
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Posted 2 days ago2023-05-27 10:43:57 UTC Post #347565
They're likely using Windows
Posted 2 days ago2023-05-27 20:22:20 UTC Post #347566
Eh? Windows-User?
But Half-Life Fans are using also on Linux or macOS too. But I have great support for Linux and macOS-Users. :D
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