Is GoldSource still cool Created 5 months ago2023-07-03 07:36:37 UTC by derpy derpy

Created 5 months ago2023-07-03 07:36:37 UTC by derpy derpy

Posted 5 months ago2023-07-03 07:36:37 UTC Post #347677
I am too late am I :C
Posted 5 months ago2023-07-03 07:44:59 UTC Post #347679
no? there's still plenty of people modding goldsrc
Posted 5 months ago2023-07-03 08:20:39 UTC Post #347680
You're never late.
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Posted 5 months ago2023-07-03 08:22:17 UTC Post #347681
You're not too late at all! Whether you're here to enjoy goldsrc content, or to make your own, welcome!
Posted 5 months ago2023-07-03 09:59:51 UTC Post #347682
I'd argue GoldSRC is cooler than ever now, with modern community-made tools and people doing super cool things with it. So no, definitely not late.
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 5 months ago2023-07-03 13:31:14 UTC Post #347685
People still make mods for Doom, Duke3D and Quake and those are awesome! Goldsource is just as good. You're not too late.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 4 months ago2023-07-09 19:38:17 UTC Post #347697
You're never late, it's just that the spotlight has moved elsewhere. Goldsrc mapping is a niche activity in the niche of DIY games and indie gaming development.
The early to late 2000's mapmakers have moved on with their lives, and this community's structured (or not), polite (or not), involved(or not) conversations, as with most forums, were sucked into the Discord black hole.
As with every niche interest, there are always going to be people around to discuss with. Luckily, this community is, I'd say, still thriving.

But - to respond to your title question:

Is GoldSource still cool?
It depends. For us? Yes.

For 99% of the other people?

No. It's an anecdote most people will never care about.

If you want to be cool, follow the trends :).
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Posted 4 months ago2023-07-12 06:23:09 UTC Post #347701
I like the engine because I know how to do some things with it and I'd argue that by now, its aesthetic is even "cool" again, looking at all the retro-looking games on Steam and the late 90s, early 00s revival what we currently have in fashion.

Of course by now there are probably much better options to pick from when you are planning to create a game with retro appeal but for me, I really just enjoy the simplicity of Hammer Editor and the sharpness of GoldSrc graphics: No motion blurs, HDR effects and blurry AA options.
Posted 3 months ago2023-08-19 13:51:06 UTC Post #347785
goldsrc still rocks to this day!!
Posted 3 months ago2023-08-20 20:16:08 UTC Post #347791
One of the pleasures in art is working within constraints. Goldsrc provides plenty of versatility, but also plenty of constraints. These help you find creative solutions, and so in this sense mapping with Goldsrc is both creative and intellectually stimulating.
Posted 3 months ago2023-08-21 05:00:46 UTC Post #347793
Definitely don't think you're too late, plenty of activity on this website for example. Sure, part of the fun of goldsrc (for me) is pure nostalgia, but even then, the engine itself is fun to play around with.

I agree with @qe, a lot is possible but it quirkiness forces you to be creative, which can be super statisfying if stuff finally works.

And me and friends keep coming back to half-life multiplayer, it never gets old, also thanks to the never ending treasure trove of custom maps and possibilities to make your own.

So @derpy, welcome to the party
Posted 2 months ago2023-09-29 21:52:34 UTC Post #347892
Yeah. Welcome to our little hell :D
Posted 2 months ago2023-09-30 14:20:34 UTC Post #347894
goldsrc is forever. i'm looking for people to help me rebuild some duke nukem 3d maps
Posted 3 weeks ago2023-11-12 09:36:12 UTC Post #348019
Sure it. Like Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake etc, it's still an engine that isn't too complicated to understand.
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