You've Been Mapping Too Much When... Created 15 years ago2004-04-10 13:33:51 UTC by Blueblade Blueblade

Created 15 years ago2004-04-10 13:33:51 UTC by Blueblade Blueblade

Posted 15 years ago2004-06-26 10:53:46 UTC Post #36612
-when you actualy take your time to read this.
-when you name your computer something like betsy and when it starts not working you kiss it ... ( and than the damn thing works !)
-when you look threw dr.seuss books for ideas.
-when you flip threw channells,not for porn but map ideas.
-when you look at a wall and wonder if its cliped to the graph
-when your jacking off to britney spears and you keep replacing her face with a head crab
-when you watch old animated movies and say i,coulda done better than that
-when you read all this and actualy laugh ! ! ! :o
Posted 15 years ago2004-06-26 11:07:27 UTC Post #36617
-when your jacking off to britney spears and you keep replacing her face with a head crab
I sincerely hope that isn't autobiographical. Nor biographical in any form. Nor non-fiction.
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 15 years ago2004-06-26 12:02:21 UTC Post #36621

*runs far far away from zebra-g
Posted 15 years ago2004-06-26 12:27:19 UTC Post #36628

when you can say yes to number five in this article on VERC.
Posted 15 years ago2004-06-26 17:26:28 UTC Post #36671
Then i must have a problem...
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-06-26 18:41:32 UTC Post #36718
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-08 00:34:29 UTC Post #39581
-when you start wondering whether you could climb through air ducts you see
(I do that for a living and it's pretty accurate.)

-When the first aid kit on the wall doesn't hum when you push on it and you try to remember if you accidently sent it "To World".

-You're sure there's a faster way to the top of that building, but that damn newb mapper didn't place a tau here.

-When you resurrect a geeky dead topic you think is cool while searching for the answer to your latest mapping dilemma.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-08 09:04:35 UTC Post #39679
- When you make your own HEV suit and wear it (just like star trek fans and their starfleet uniforms)
Now, that's just, well, sad.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-08 09:54:04 UTC Post #39700
  • when your name is Gmans_Agent.
-when a cop pulles you over, you call him Barney.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-15 10:54:02 UTC Post #41562
had to ban little brother from using my editors,
has a skill to cause crases,
have had to reinsal so many editors. : :cool:
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-15 12:09:29 UTC Post #41592
-When you have mapped for more then 24hours strait with nothing but coke and glazed dounuts.

i can say yes to that.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-15 15:01:35 UTC Post #41633
-When you search on Google for "Half-Life Gina and gordon porn" (not guilty)
m0p m0pIllogical.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-21 15:09:05 UTC Post #43485
when you look around the mall and wonder where they got all these cool wads... :)
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-21 17:15:30 UTC Post #43542
-When you search on Google for "Half-Life Gina and gordon porn" (not guilty)
Ewwwww.....thats just plain wrong...

On a less nasty note:

Some little sound clips and HL images. What goes on at Black Mesa after hours.....
RabidMonkey RabidMonkeymapmapmapfapmap
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-21 17:18:50 UTC Post #43546
This is really perverted!!!
But sooo funny.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-21 18:30:39 UTC Post #43565
i now cant close my eyes with out seeing barney in some god awful pose lol
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-21 18:47:41 UTC Post #43573
Yes....very very scary images. As if G-man wasnt scary enough.
RabidMonkey RabidMonkeymapmapmapfapmap
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-24 17:35:40 UTC Post #44473
Here are some other ones:

you've been mapping to much when

-you look at a house and say to yourself, that must've been easy to hollow out.

-you look out your window and say, i wonder how many .wads it took to create the world.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-24 23:15:37 UTC Post #44569
If you have only one giant custom WAD, like me, only one :P .
RabidMonkey RabidMonkeymapmapmapfapmap
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-25 00:53:44 UTC Post #44593
all cia and fbi are g-men....GOVERNMANT MEN.......and yes military men are called grunts.....well some of them
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-25 16:59:52 UTC Post #44793
damn is this the biggest... thing ever? lol g-man oh i got one!

-when you TRY to find something like rabidmonkey found
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-25 17:02:08 UTC Post #44794
oh yeah

-when you read EVEY SINGLE POST ON THIS THREAD!!! (i swear im guily!, took me 30 mins, some were funny, some where stupid... like mine i did months ago)

-when you start this thread (who did start this?)

-when you try to teach your little bro how to map, and he says mapping is borring, then you want to put him in a trigger_hurt (guilty!)
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-25 19:19:01 UTC Post #44830
i got another one!!!

you got into mapping too early when:

-you started mapping when you were 10!
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-25 19:19:29 UTC Post #44831
not the best but eh... oh and sry for 4 posts :(
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-25 22:01:56 UTC Post #44906
I began mapping when I was younger.
RabidMonkey RabidMonkeymapmapmapfapmap
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-25 22:34:04 UTC Post #44913
i started mapping when i was 9.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 09:25:40 UTC Post #45003
  • If you ever need anything and are to lazy to get it you try to create another entity closer to you (haveb't been mapping long enough for this kinda thing to effect me).
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 09:30:45 UTC Post #45004
  • When you get scared of openning a window incase it causes a leakQ
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 09:31:59 UTC Post #45005
delete this thread! its totla n00b fest.
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 10:35:54 UTC Post #45014
9? how old are you?
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 10:40:58 UTC Post #45017
your 9? im 13...
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 11:48:39 UTC Post #45023
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 15:10:05 UTC Post #45073
didnt you just say u were 9?
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 15:40:48 UTC Post #45091
i'm 15. i said i started mapping when i was 9. with games like DOOM,Duke Nukem 3d and such.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 16:00:48 UTC Post #45096
your 15!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!??!?!?!?!?ect. ect.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 16:09:56 UTC Post #45103
your 15!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!??!?!?!?!?ect. ect.
what do you mean?
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 16:21:49 UTC Post #45118
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 16:23:33 UTC Post #45123
i have no comment at this moment in time...
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-26 16:55:59 UTC Post #45144
ummmmm, o.k...? :confused:
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-08-05 15:13:51 UTC Post #48151
you mapped to much when u:

-eat something and wonder how the modeler made it so that parts of it disapered bit by bit

-u think of drinking some soda, but instead get an env_beverage (yum my fav)

as u can tell im not good at this

Posted 15 years ago2004-08-06 10:00:38 UTC Post #48408
You probably have to lay off mapping for a while when this happens to you:

I'm at the docks on my dad's yacht. It's nice, there just a fwe yachts in the water and we're still on dry dock. The breeze cools me off nicely and on a neighbouring yacht there's a pretty girl (pretty young one, but still beautyfull). The only thing that's breaking the whole picture is the huge building with even bigger sign on it saying "Border Police". It seems pretty empty (and probably hounted).

Day by day this place seems more scary - once while I was walking round the park I found a nose where a white building was build and a twin (double barreled!!!) machinegun was set up. The sign on the fence said "Militiary Zone. Keep off". Some friends of my said that people there first shoot, then shoot again and if there's anyone left they bring him in for questioning. And not just this but every few days a militiary ship (known here as GRIFF) comes by and anoyess us with sirens.

Things where starting to come down when I saw him (no, not the G-man...yet) - Gordon Freeman swam next to me!!! When I saw him I thought: "Damn, this guy needs just a pair of glasses and he'll be absolut copy!" It appers that he could read minds, cause after he came out of the water he put a pair of glasses on - he was Gordon himself...

Some wired things started happening right after - on the next day a guy came out of the water right infront of me an I noticed that his face is missing (or wathever was left was too bloody to be seen) and chunks of his flesh were hanging down and he held them with his arm. You just can't imagine what I felt when I saw him...

Later I heard that the last night multiple UFO sighting were reported by more than 20 people at once. The day after a super luxury patrol ship came by the dock and the whole command of the local militiary depot came to hear the report. I'm not sure, but I think someone remained at the base when the ship left the dock. I saw him just merely - his suit eas blue...

And I can asure you that every piece of this story is true and if I don't come back know that I've found and taken by Them...
Posted 15 years ago2004-08-06 10:02:40 UTC Post #48410
bringing up a really old thread. why....? :zonked:
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-08-06 10:28:11 UTC Post #48416
Uhm, last msg was since yesterday...

And I think you should read what happened to me just a few days ago.
Posted 15 years ago2004-08-06 12:03:33 UTC Post #48445
that story is eary yet off topic... :confused:
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-08-09 17:18:20 UTC Post #49446
oooooookkkkkkkkkkk... KEEP THIS THRED ALIVE!!!!!!!!! it is super funny!!!

-when u make a server with a diferent name ALL the time, and the same ppl keep showing up

-when u get pulled over for speeding u say to the cop "i saw the g-man fallowing me! i don't want to do the same thing gordon did!!!"

-when a guy named toonon keeps trying to revive this thread
Posted 15 years ago2004-08-09 19:46:14 UTC Post #49473
Posted 15 years ago2004-08-10 05:13:57 UTC Post #49547
Dear god, I hope this DOESNT become any bigger, I think you've all run out of good ones now.
Posted 15 years ago2004-08-10 05:17:20 UTC Post #49548
too true :(
Posted 15 years ago2004-08-14 21:06:45 UTC Post #51037
muwha i brought this thread back from the dead, muwha just like me, mwuha :P
Posted 15 years ago2004-08-14 21:07:19 UTC Post #51038
just delete this damn thread...
Luke LukeLuke
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