FUNC_VEHICLE Created 2 weeks ago2023-11-18 08:35:00 UTC by The303 The303

Created 2 weeks ago2023-11-18 08:35:00 UTC by The303 The303

Posted 2 weeks ago2023-11-18 08:35:00 UTC Post #348057
Thanks to the new 25th anniversary update, the glorious counter-strike brush entity known as FUNC_VEHICLE is now available in Half-Life.
I have seedees tutorial on my site here for it:

If anyone has made an HLDM map with func_vehicle let me know, id want to play sometime :D

Current issues so far ive noticed:
-acceleration sounds seem to not play properly
-idle sounds seem to be very delayed
Posted 2 weeks ago2023-11-18 10:03:52 UTC Post #348058
I'm converting cs_twhlkart2020 to hldm. CS WAD requirements have been eliminated by embedding the textures used, CT/T spawns have been replaced with DM spawns peppered throughout the map, and a lot of weapons/ammos/items have been added, though mostly curbside. I'm damn sure it's currently very imbalanced towards the spectators vs the drivers. I'd like to have a few other people go over it and rebalance the placements. Or, maybe, have archie or urby release a HLDM version with all their level design wisdom. gdrive link

The karts work great btw.
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Posted 2 weeks ago2023-11-19 04:25:00 UTC Post #348062
Please tell me about your maps utilizing func_vehicle, I want to host them on my server!
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