Assertion Error in jack editor Created 4 months ago2024-02-05 23:40:55 UTC by SDK SDK

Created 4 months ago2024-02-05 23:40:55 UTC by SDK SDK

Posted 4 months ago2024-02-05 23:40:55 UTC Post #348553
Sometimes when I am mapping for jack it just kicks me out and says, i need JIT for it to run it again. i have no idea what JIT is and why it is doing this so if anyone can tell me what the hell is going on and why it is failing, i would be very grateful.
Posted 4 months ago2024-02-05 23:58:10 UTC Post #348554
That's just a crash, the error about JIT would just be programmer stuff I think. Try updating to the latest free version (released only in the last week or two), it fixed a common crash in the entity properties window. If you're already using that version... just make sure you have enabled autosave in the options because you can't do anything about it crashing sometimes.
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Posted 4 months ago2024-02-06 17:40:23 UTC Post #348563
Could you provide a screenshot of the error?
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