Hurt trigger in map changes gravity!!! Created 1 month ago2024-03-05 04:42:51 UTC by GameDrained GameDrained

Created 1 month ago2024-03-05 04:42:51 UTC by GameDrained GameDrained

Posted 1 month ago2024-03-05 04:42:51 UTC Post #348629
I was wondering if anyone has ever had an issue like this:
I have a day of defeat map I'm working on were in different areas of the map I have low gravity.
I've been working on the map all year different versions and the gravity at these locations always stay as I set them.
On this version I decided that a character in the map will cause you harm if you shoot it.
So I put a hurt over the room, put a func_button around the character set to trigger the hurt.
All looked good play tested and seems to work fine but after a time suddenly all the low gravity spots are back to normal levels.
Rebuilt all in this version I had worked on a few times but still after a while playing the low gravity areas would revert back to normal gravity.
So I left all changes this time but removed the hurt and button triggers and every things ok again.
How in the world is one related to the other and how would it only over some time effect the other?
Posted 1 month ago2024-03-05 07:30:34 UTC Post #348630
I don't think any of your other triggers are affecting the trigger_gravity entities, as trigger_gravity cannot be toggled.

trigger_gravity doesn't define a volume of a certain gravity but instead defines a volume where a new gravity is set, and stays at this new gravity value until a different trigger_gravity is entered.
Is it possible you didn't take this behaviour into account in your map?
Posted 1 month ago2024-03-05 22:37:23 UTC Post #348632
Sorry the area I was speaking of was set by walking through a trigger_gravity set to .25 and surrounded by trigger_gravitys set to 1
so you would walk through trigger_gravity set to 1 which would have no change then hit trigger_gravity set to .25 letting you jump higher. then when you get to any of the triggers surrounding it gravity would be reset to 1.
and all places I have these triggers in all versions of the map work fine. but when I add the func_button (shootable) target the trigger_hurt.
all func_gravitys stop working and gravity remains at 1. but they do work when the map is first started. once it fails all func_gravitys set to .25 do nothing.
Posted 1 month ago2024-03-05 23:12:13 UTC Post #348633
If you want, you could upload your map in the vault and link it here and I can take a look at it after work tomorrow.
Posted 1 month ago2024-03-06 04:56:20 UTC Post #348635
added jmf file (jack editor) is that ok?

Oh! hadn't saved with error so made this version to show you.
played map and it is when shooting and triggering the hurt is when the trigger_gravity stops working.
Posted 1 month ago2024-03-06 18:37:46 UTC Post #348637
Hm, at a first glace it looks fine to me. Nothing that seems out of place and it doesn't seem like there's any direct contact, geometric or trigger-wise, between the trigger_hurt and the trigger_gravity volumes.

I ended up working longer than I expected today and so I think I'll wait until tomorrow to set up a DoD config and compile and test this myself, sorry.
If you want to, you could compile it yourself with -chart argument on the compile tools and check for warnings and any limits being reached, and run the map with developer 2 and check for any console messages when the trigger_hurt is triggered.
Posted 1 month ago2024-03-07 10:48:39 UTC Post #348639
might be a bug in dod (or even in all first party titles) where taking damage from trigger_hurt resets gravity?
Posted 1 month ago2024-03-11 02:17:26 UTC Post #348641
might be a bug in dod (or even in all first party titles) where taking damage from trigger_hurt resets gravity?
I made a test map with only spawn ponits a couple of flags and a hurt buttom that could be shot and one that could had to be pressed to activate.
And the .25 gravity and the reset to 1.
It worked fine.

In my log file for the map causing problems I have 4 errors in hull 1 hull 2 and two in hull 3 like this:

SolidBSP [hull 1] 500...1000...1500...2000...Warning: Ambiguous leafnode content ( EMPTY and SOLID ) at (3099,936,409)-(3110,1009,424) in hull 1 of model 0 (entity: classname "worldspawn", origin "", targetname "")

The coordinates don't seem to bring me to any thing obvious and they are all model 0 so that doesn't help.
I did a GoTo on func_detail, func_wall to see if there were any empty referances but didn't see any.
Posted 1 month ago2024-03-11 09:09:20 UTC Post #348642
"model 0" is the worldspawn model, i.e. all world brushes (including func_detail).
The coordinates you get is the lower bounds (-X, -Y, -Z) and upper bounds (X, Y, Z) and the problem brush is within that box.
If it's hard to visualise this bounding box, you could make a box brush with those bounds, or use the Cordon Tool to limit the map to those bounds, and look if there's any misshapen brushes in there (either world brush or func_detail).
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