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Jens Eckervogt
16th July 2009 (14 years ago2009-07-16 11:21:18 UTC)
Last Visited
5 hours ago2023-11-29 19:32:23 UTC
German, English, Filipino ( little )
Mapping, Modelling, Programming, Texture creation

Hello everyone, nice to meet me!

I am 39 years old and I am deaf. Please respect me! Please don't discriminate me! I am in relationship with my Filipina wife. Her nieces help my girlfriend because she has problem of heart that's why I really worry about my girlfriend.
She got heart transplant. My god it is really fucking expensive. Calculated close to 16.600 €. I expect that heart transplant costs in Germany 40k to 50k Euro.
My grandmother has got heart transplant and it costs 10.000 Euro before 2014/2015. Now Euro is really crazy.

I am working hard on Linux computer and And I am very excited about AppWithPlugin for NativeAot with Dotnet 6.0 or greater. In the future I would like to release applications, secure modern desktops ( X11/Wayland ) and tools/utilities and GoldSource features on Linux.

In 2 weeks I will move out from Germany 🇩🇪 to Philippines 🇵🇭, will bring my whole computer to Philippines, build power plants because American power plants always crash. I know how do I build own power plants but for wind, waterfall and solar powers are safe. And I support everything. ( I don't tell more )

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DeafMan1983 Initial test with software rasterizer on C# and SDL2 Wrapper DeafMan19833 weeks ago2023-11-02 11:11:36 UTC I have updated porting from [|Linedrawing]
I tested with my SDL2 Wrapper = OK It is very fast like Quake 2's or Old Half-Life's Software Rasterizer :)
DeafMan1983 SDL2 Wrapper ( That is my work ) No longer uses SDL-CS by Ethan Lee!!! DeafMan19831 month ago2023-10-19 19:51:21 UTC Hello everyone,

I made SDL2 wrapper with sbyte*, delegate* < ... > and pass-thought.

Add package DeafMan1983.Interop.SDL2 and DeafMan1983.Conversion into your project!
dotnet add packa...
DeafMan1983 Only Linux- and macOS-Users!!! DeafMan19836 months ago2023-05-27 17:57:57 UTC == Hello everyone,
I want to show how do you know when you already installed Wine from WineHQ - [|See more]!

Then you need download some tools for GSD ( GoldSourc... DeafMan1983 New Dotnet 7.0 has beautful NativeAot without GetDelegateForFunctionPointer :D DeafMan19836 months ago2023-05-03 14:08:25 UTC Hello everyone sorry longer busy because I was sick and I have stress of my work.

I develop own Half-Life Sharp for x64 only

I have tried to communicate wi...
DeafMan1983 Awesome trick - no worrying to " and \n" in C++ DeafMan19831 year ago2022-04-07 05:31:11 UTC Hello everyone and my valuable friends,

I wanna to show how do you write shader without annoying like
" ... \n"

Then you should define simple for GLSL for example:
#define GLSL(...