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hlnewend by Hammerboy
Posted 14 years ago2004-10-31 17:59:31 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Hammerboy Hammerboy
14 years ago2004-10-31 17:59:31 UTC
14 years ago2004-11-10 16:11:02 UTC

It's not a real finished map, it's only the introduction of my new mod (HL: The Xen World)
It's a new end for half-life, and the beginning for my mod. One day, I'll finish the mod and send it to you.
PD: For new people in HL, copy the maps in the HLvalvemaps directory, after that open the console and type ''map hl0''. That's it. Hammerboy
Last moment info: 11/3 the explosion was changed for an env_funnel
-the WAD's are no longer required.
-1st. arquitecture improvement - less squared rooms. Better ambience. That are not the final compiles, I'll send better ones...


Commented 14 years ago2004-10-31 22:35:07 UTC Comment #4849
Got a screenshot for us? It helps to post one, or noone will download your map.
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-01 03:13:15 UTC Comment #4855
couldnt open "rain" wad. this should explain how to include any non-standard half-life wads you may have included in your map: http://cariad.co.za/twhl/tutorial.php?id=29

and if its not a "finished" map, it probably belongs in the unfinished vault.
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-01 18:25:23 UTC Comment #4879
Well, I think now it's all arranged. Yes, I've messed up everything, but now it would work, you only have to put the fucking WAD's in your hlvalve directory and now yes, THAT'S IT!!!!!!!! And the screenshot is not from the game, Rabid...!!!!
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-02 02:54:44 UTC Comment #4884
The xen part isn't bad, the lab parts are very boxy and square in terms of architecture. Collective.valve-erc.com had a nice style guide on the 'lab' levels, maybe that will give you some ideas on how to improve your architecture?
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-03 21:13:12 UTC Comment #4912
well, I'll see that, I mean, I'll try to fix that ''square trouble''. I knew that the architecture was very poor in the part of the office (not the lab), and I was wondering if I could put some columns, or make some detailed wall. Give me some ideas, I don't really want to go to the VERC, it's damn boring. Hammerboy
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-05 13:03:56 UTC Comment #4951
There are some interesting articles at the VERC, it's really worth checking out that site.

As for your levels... The Xen part bored me since it was exactly the same speech as in the end of HL. The instant kill I got with that blue 'wall' isn't really a great idea too. All in all, I didn't really get the meaning of that introduction.

The labs' ceilings were too high. The architecture is indeed not very outstanding, the layout of that level is too squared indeed. The lighting could be made more interesting too.
The level seemed... unrealistic for some reason. I think it's because rooms aren't connected this way in real-life. Put more thought in that, e.g. try to think of how an architect would create such an environment, and what the demands of the inhabitants or users would be, so to create a more convenient environment. You see, every building has a function, and this determines it's shape and look, as well as it's layout and the like...
I really can't tell the exact function from your level. It seems like a mix between an office, a computer room and a... power plant alike environment? You name it...

Here, maybe this article can help you on your way:

Oh, and post a screenshot, not a random picture! Such a habit won't get you really far here... nor does it encourage people to download and play your maps.
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-05 14:58:18 UTC Comment #4956
Well, I'll see that, look, that is only a ''get through'' for my mod, It's not the real thing.... I know I should put a bathroom near there, or some functional furniture, or a bigger office complex, I mean , the story starts when Half-life finishes... but in other place ... to make it more interesting....I'll try to fix what you're saying... but I'm afraid to overload VIS, you know... I don't want to load very much my map....
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-05 15:01:09 UTC Comment #4957
Continue writing to me, boys, I'm just learning... I've been working with Worldcraft and Hammer for almost a year and a half.... and well.... I'm just taking the mapping job for fun..... I'll see if I can do a real interesting thing with that map....
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-05 18:06:32 UTC Comment #4961
Whether or not it's the real thing, it doesn't look all too good. And for an introduction that's painfull, as it's meant to make the player want to play more...
For 'the real thing' it would be even more painfull... ;)

Entities are your friends. Entities are not taken into account by the VIS process. This can have some great advantages. Normally, small detailed brushes would really make the VIS process a lot more complicated. Turned into entities however, the VIS process is much more simple, taking less time and probably being more effective too.
Be warned though that you should not make so-called 'vis-blockers' into entities. Basically, this counts for the rough architecture.
Oh, and... your map is pretty small still. Don't worry about overloading VIS yet. There are much more complex maps out there that made it trough the compile process... ;)

As for the map, I would advise you to do some research before you start mapping. Searching for photo's of such environments often helps you to get a grip on what you're mapping. I usually seek for concept art and pictures, then I make some sketches and then i start mapping. The pictures and concept art help me to get an understanding of the theme, the sketches help me to create a layout.
You may find other methods to work better for yourself, that's fine as people are different, but perhaps this can help you a bit.
What I mean to say is: preparation is important. A good start is half of the job, or however they say it.
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-10 15:49:23 UTC Comment #5011
Yes. I understand... but... I'm not very sure... I think that the map is very shitty, but I was only giving a damn preview of the real thing... but as other mods... I think that I'll make a train start for my mod.... as the other Half-Life ones.... give me ideas.... Captain P... continue writing, please...
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-10 15:52:22 UTC Comment #5012
Ah! Before I forget it.... could you tell me which entity did Valve guys used in the last part of Half-life? That part with The GMAN and the stars flying towards you... I'd like to know... and if you have already done the train brush with the textures and correct scale, give it to me.... I really need it!!!!!! Thanks
Commented 14 years ago2004-11-10 19:22:08 UTC Comment #5015
No, don't tell me or send me anythin'. I've just created something different... I'll update the maps when I finish them...

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