Black Mesa Geothermal Labs

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Black Mesa Geothermal Labs by ChickenFist
Posted 5 years ago2016-11-06 18:36:23 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Black Mesa Geothermal Labs
ChickenFist ChickenFist
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5 years ago2016-11-06 18:36:23 UTC
2 years ago2019-10-11 19:24:44 UTC
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Currently working on an updated version of this map pack, please wait a while if you want to play it :)

Meant to be my entry for TWHL world, here it is a standalone mini-mod.

Features about 15 min or so of gameplay, some voice acting, and a barney with a handlebar mustache.

Have fun! :)


Commented 5 years ago2016-11-06 19:56:56 UTC Comment #19682
'Number of days since last incident: NULL POINTER EXCEPTION'

Great sense of humor, good brushwork, (though it is a bit odd to me that most of the facility was unfurnished rock) excellent use of puzzles and backtracking.

A bit on the difficult side, though. I'd advise making one of the depleted health chargers not (at least on medium, since it's SoHL-based and IIRC that's a thing you can do) or add another medkit or two. By the end I was scrambling past encounters just trying not to get killed as I had ~24 health and there were no supplies nearby. Also, side note - temperatures were listed in imperial, whereas even in the US scientists (and military) tend to use the metric system - so those should be in Celsius or Centigrade, rather than Fahrenheit.

All in all, though, quite good, would recommend.
Commented 5 years ago2016-11-06 20:10:07 UTC Comment #19683
Also, side note - temperatures were listed in imperial, whereas even in the US scientists (and military) tend to use the metric system - so those should be in Celsius or Centigrade, rather than Fahrenheit.
Well, in Half-Life, Black Mesa uses fahrenheit for temperatures, at least in announcements. Unless they are keeping Black Mesa at 68 degrees celcius as some sort of experiment :/
Commented 5 years ago2016-11-10 18:08:32 UTC Comment #19621
I suppose that's a fair point. Had forgotten about that.
That's on Valve, then.
Commented 5 years ago2016-11-11 17:16:12 UTC Comment #19622
played on hard and it was tough. And the puzzles wow... I literally had to follow the path above the rafters from vent to vent till i saw where you had to get up from. And a pitch black platform section...

Ran low on ammo due to buffed enemy HP on hard mode, I think the ammo and health is in short supply, but just enough to get thru. Though the mid-boss area is quite the challenge. Tried rushing at first but you had that one dude in the most random location to prevent just that.

No idea why you had the first group of soldiers have extremely low health, but I suppose it was for balancing since there were like a bunch of them and you likely had limited ammo by then. There were a few annoying things like invisible walls in the elevator among other places. And a strange mp5 replacement with different arms.

Overall a great map with lots of stuff, starting out all quiet and going all out war by the end. Maybe twhl world woulda been just as awesome
Commented 5 years ago2016-11-16 09:31:32 UTC Comment #19624
What a fun idea for a level. Half-Life with a hint of subterranean supervillain lair, I like it.

It was incredibly dark for me in places and I got stuck a few times because of that. That could be my monitor, not sure, nobody else is commenting on it! Wasn't too fond of that flooded tunnel with all the crate jumping and barnacles, could barely see a thing.

There was a moment in there where I fought off 4 HECU with only 1 health point. I had to cheese them by hiding in the HEV locker room corner behind the metal crates and picking them off as they turned up one at a time to flush me out. That was fun!

Nice reuse of space throughout, too.
Commented 3 years ago2019-01-13 23:46:14 UTC Comment #101743
Absolutely stunning bit of work. Very classic Half-Life feel throughout, with the difficulty dialed up a few notches. Had some deaths at the hands of the slaves and marines, as well as sheer stupidity and ham handed handling during the platforming sections.

A nice use of puzzles and a lot of backtracking, but it's all labelled so clearly with the use of new enemies spawned in and in one case a friendly NPC showing up to help out.

In my opinion, it could have done with a little more in the way of storytelling. What was there was amusingly dark which is just the ticket in my book. However, some audio logs, or at least a living scientist or two to explain what exactly was going on in the facility wouldn't have gone amiss. Also, the state of the place in general was somewhat confusing. There was a lot of visible rock and offices and break areas looked somewhat makeshift, all crammed in together. However, I could not tell if this was due to a collapse or simply hasty construction.

Took me about 40 minutes to complete and I thoroughly enjoyed it. :D
Commented 2 years ago2019-10-12 09:13:28 UTC Comment #102326
Is that really a Moomins character on that orange vending machine? :D

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