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Half-Life HL
2020 Practice by paulkennedy
Posted 7 months ago2020-10-19 00:14:41 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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2020 Practice
paulkennedy paulkennedy
7 months ago2020-10-19 00:14:41 UTC
7 months ago2020-10-19 00:17:22 UTC

The purpose of these maps is for me to practice. I'm trying to take my time to learn how various entities work together to produce fun and interesting effects. I am also trying to learn how to design maps well, such as optimizing with func_detail, aligning textures, etc.

I use at least the following entities: ambient_generic, env_beam, env_sprite, env_spark, env_fade, info_landmark, info_player_start, info_target, light, multi_manager, multisource, path_corner, func_button, func_detail, func_door_rotating, func_breakable, func_wall, trigger_hurt, env_shake, func_pushable, func_recharge, func_healthcharger, env_explosion, trigger_push, func_tank, func_tankcontrols, func_illusionary, env_global, func_tracktrain, path_track, trigger_autosave, monstermaker

This map is very much a work in progress. I plan to continue practicing with it. Here are some of the things on my to-do list:
  • Add features to the outdoor environment. Maybe some boulders, add some contours to the terrain, maybe a watch tower.
  • Add background ambiance, like gunfire and mortars in the background
  • Add NPCs, maybe a retinal scanner
  • Improve the tunnel, it's currently very bland. Add a trigger_hurt to the track.
  • Add interesting nooks and crannies such as vents
  • Add a room with a horror theme with alarms, dead scientists, zombies, etc.
  • Add in teleports
Aside from a map or two on a couple of occasions, this is pretty much my first map since I joined TWHL back in 2004! I hope to continue improving my skills.

FYI: you will notice that right now, there are a few "doors to nowhere". These are potential spots where I am considering expanding onto in future revisions.

FYI: the reason why this is broken into three maps was simply for me to practice map transitions and global variables.


Commented 7 months ago2020-10-20 12:55:03 UTC Comment #102981
Given these screenshots, I'd say it's a pretty solid work in progress.
It's always good to see someone learning by basically trying out everything the game offers you (in terms of entities), like I did when I started out. Definitely gives a very solid understanding of things and whatnot.

So with all that said, I'm looking forward to updates and stuff. ^^
Commented 7 months ago2020-10-20 16:37:29 UTC Comment #102982
Thanks! Yeah, I made a map a couple years ago where it was just a room crammed with examples of every entity, but they weren't examples like what you might find in a game, they were just the absolute basics (e.g. you walk into the corner of the room and a trigger_once targets an env_explosion). And so going back to it, it is hard to use it as a reference because it's just an illogical mess of entities.

But with this map, I created typical examples of as many entities as I could so that I would have real, typical examples to refer to. For example, the func_tracktrain is like the train in "On a Rail", and the env_global is used to have the generator turn on the tracktrain, and the monstermaker + env_beam + env_sprite + ambient_generic + multimanager + trigger_once is used to spawn in aliens when you walk up to the gun, which itself is a typical example of the func_tank, and so on.

This way, if I want to make more an actual cohesive set of maps or even a mod, I can refer back to this sample map to remind myself how I did things without having to remember "so, what part of this crowded chaotic room did I put the func_tank example?"

Another benefit of these maps is that because I specifically set out to make maps that just serve as examples, it allows me to take the pressure off. I can just feel free to practice without worrying that it's not perfect. I can just keep practicing, and once I feel my skills are up to the standards I want, I can start to create products where I don't feel frustrated that it's not at the level of quality I had hoped for.
Commented 7 months ago2020-10-21 21:30:10 UTC Comment #102987
This is a far cry from any of my old practice maps. I'd say you're starting on the right path and I'm happy to hear that you're planning to expand this as you develop your skills.

Pretty fun to run around as well, but then I absolutely love checking out people's first maps, when it's fresh and exciting. Regardless of skill, the passion is always wonderful to behold. You just happen to be pretty skilled as well. Haha. Well done.
Commented 7 months ago2020-10-22 14:23:09 UTC Comment #102988
Thank you! I get a lot of encouragement from your comments :biggrin:

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