Scissorlift Prefabs | Static and functional | 6 texture variants | MESS support | v1.2

Half-Life HL
Scissorlift Prefabs | Static and functional | 6 texture variants | MESS support | v1.2 by kimilil
Posted 4 weeks ago2024-01-27 09:08:34 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Scissorlift Prefabs | Static and functional | 6 texture variants | MESS support | v1.2
kimilil kimilil
4 weeks ago2024-01-27 09:08:34 UTC
3 weeks ago2024-01-31 17:36:08 UTC

Scissorlift Prefabs

version 1.2, by kimilil
See CHANGELOG below on what has changed.

What's Included

  1. Template map with ready-to-copy scissorlift prefabs:
    1. 6 colour variations (orange, blue, yellow, red, Nightwatch blue, moss)
    2. Static and functional variants (in 4-5 predefined positions each)
    3. Functional variants in both retracted and extended positions at spawn.
    4. All 4 cardinal directions (required for functional lifts, static lifts can be rotated as fit)
  2. MESS (Macro Entity Scripting System) template entity and map files:
    • Static and functional variants.
    • Functional lifts clamp its position from the yaw compass to the closest world axes. This ensures the scissor parts always align to world axes.
    • Functional lifts support any height distance up to the max limit of 210 units.
    • Functional lifts can spawn in the extended position as well as normally retracted position.
    • Static lifts can spawn at any position, from fully retracted to fully extended.
    • Accurate bounding box for the scissor lift (top is gondola floor level when at ground).
  3. Sample compiled BSP included by popular demand. All textures needed is included in the BSP.


  1. WADs: halflife.wad, opfor.wad, barney.wad, zhlt.wad
  2. [OPTIONAL] Nightwatch's nw.wad (to use the texture variant)
  3. [OPTIONAL] MESS (Macro Entity Scripting System) version 1.2.2 or higher to use MESS

Installation and Usage for Prefab map

  1. Extract the archive.
  2. Open the prefab map.
  3. Use the VisGroups to navigate and narrow down your choice. Choose the one with the desired orientation.
  4. Select a prefab CAREFULLY and FULLY on the top view.
  5. Copy prefab.
  6. Open target map.
  7. Paste prefab.

Installation and Usage for MESS

This section is not applicable if you don't have MESS. It also assumes you have already set up MESS to work with your map editor.
  1. Extract the archive. Then navigate to the folder named "MESS only".
  2. Move the files starting with "mtlx_" to the following path:
    <path of your mess 1.2.x installation>\template_entities\custom\
  3. Run MESS once without arguments to regenerate mess.fgd with the new macro entities.
  4. Close JACK/Hammer if it's open. Then open it again.
  5. Open a map. Then switch to "Place entity" tool.
  6. Find the new point entity entries "mtlx_scissorlift*" in the list.
  7. Place these entities in the map (The entries with "2" has its bounding box rotated 90 to help with placement)
  8. Use Object Properties dialog to configure the resulting prefab e.g. texture variations, lift distance, etc.
  9. Compiling with MESS should replace the entities with the appropriate prefabs.

Entity Details

In this section, <name> is the name you give to the MESS entity, or the prefix used in prefabs, which are in this format:
  1. The bottom and top buttons have a master named <name>_bottom_ms and <name>_top_ms, respectively. To disable any of these buttons (e.g. for single-use), have an entity target the name of the master. The extra entity prevents the multisource from being active and thus disables the button. Likewise, trigger that entity to re-enable the button. (note: The prefabs uses a hidden button_target that also target the masters, making the buttons only work when the gondola is at the appropriate positions.)
  2. There are multi_managers that fire the following targets:
    1. <name>_start_bottom when the lift starts moving from the bottom position.
    2. <name>_reach_top when the lift reaches the top position.
    3. <name>_start_top when the lift starts moving from the top position.
    4. <name>_reach_bottom when the lift reaches the bottom position.
    • You can use these names to target other entities when the gondola starts/stops moving.
  3. The aforementioned multi_managers are named <name>_mm1 and <name>_mm2. The former starts from the bottom, and the latter starts from the top. Target the appropriate one to remotely operate the lift.
  4. There is an ambient_generic named <name>_snd used to emit the moving sound. It gets passed the "Move sound WAV" (movesound) from the MESS entity as its sound file value. But if you require more control, you can pass "common/null.wav" as value to the MESS entity property, and place your own ambient_generic near the center of the MESS entity with the same name. You have to set the "start silent" (16) flag.

Important Information

  1. The functional moving variants need to be aligned to grid. This is because the scissor parts can only rotate on the world axes. Choose the prefab already orientated to one fitting placement in your map. DO NOT ROTATE functional prefabs. The static variants however can be rotated in any way you wish.
  2. The moving lifts use func_doors with ladder contents to create climbable ladder at the extended position. These so-called "ladder doors" is bugged when touched in its moving or open positions, possibly freezing the game. I have endeavoured to ensure it could not touch players except at the lift's fully extended position but if your game still freezes just standing on the gondola as it moves (the result of the player touching the "ladder door" in motion), a few options exist to fix this issue:
    1. OPTION 1 - lower the position of the func_door brush entity hovering over the lift (where its fully extended position is) by a couple of units.
    2. OPTION 2 - Remove the aforementioned entity, if you don't foresee a need for player to jump onto it from somewhere else in the map. [entity property provided in MESS entity version]
  3. MESS entities and templates are provided on a best-effort basis. The provided macro template entity is intended to be placed directly into your map. Using MESS macros to place them will not work. There may still be bugs in MESS that can prevent correct processing or cause unintended side effects, in which case you should consider falling back to using the ready-to-use prefabs instead.
  4. Make sure players can't block the func_plat's movements or it would cause the entire prefab to desync.

Special Thanks 💖

  • Captain P - MESS creator; support and guidance on MESS. Template .map and .ted fix.
  • TWHL community, as always.


  • 2024-01-28 - v1.1
    • Incorporated changes to MESS's .map and .ted files by Captain P.
    • Added sample BSP by popular demand. Same map used to test it in fact.
  • 2024-01-31 - v1.2
    • Fixed implementation of the extended position "ladder door" to reduce probability of touching players which could freeze the game.
    • Added 6th variation: Fifties Moss
    • Static MESS entity can create prefabs of variable heights, and the prefab map includes static prefabs in 4 extended positions in addition to the retracted position.
    • Functional MESS entity can create prefabs that start in the extended position, and likewise the prefabs map include 4 predefined extended positions.
    • Updated sample BSP.


(c) 2024 kimilil, released under CC-BY-NC 4.0


Commented 4 weeks ago2024-01-27 11:41:50 UTC Comment #105935
Thank you for your work, it looks very good. Is there a map available for interactive preview?
Commented 4 weeks ago2024-01-27 23:22:14 UTC Comment #105936
By popular demand, sample BSP included.
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-01-28 04:25:04 UTC Comment #105937
Problem Report: After entering the sample map in Counter-Strike (25th Anniversary Update), the game may crash when your foothold is located in this area.
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-01-28 05:39:48 UTC Comment #105938
It's a known issue. Please read Important Information #2.

I might have to take a look at the template and do the fix again.
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-01-29 15:23:50 UTC Comment #105940
Can I stack one on top of another and do some OSHA violations?

Awesome work btw.
Commented 3 weeks ago2024-01-31 13:38:37 UTC Comment #105944
^ Ayy, thanks! 😁

Also, version 1.2 just dropped. This adds support for extended static lifts, and functional lifts that start already extended.
I highly recommend updating your local copy to this version.

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