MESS 1.2 has been released! Created 4 months ago2023-11-30 00:26:27 UTC by Captain P Captain P

Created 4 months ago2023-11-30 00:26:27 UTC by Captain P Captain P

Posted 4 months ago2023-11-30 00:26:27 UTC Post #348117
MESS 1.2 has been released! :)

Besides a lot of small improvements and bugfixes, this update introduces a set of template entities and behaviors that are useful for advanced and novice mappers alike. There's an entity for triggering random targets, a multi-target variant of game_counter, an entity that can periodically trigger a target, a Counter-Strike specific entity that triggers its target when a new round starts, and so on. There's also a target pattern system that lets you write +door1 and train -> newpos instead of having to manually create a trigger_relay or trigger_changetarget. Advanced users can even make their own template entities and behaviors, and share them with others via .zip files.

Macro entities have also been improved: templates can now be given multiple names and macro entities can reference multiple templates, with custom weights, making it easier to create sets of related templates. Macro entities can also reference templates inside other maps, and macro_insert can now create multiple instances.

And if you're using TrenchBroom, you can add {_tb_group} to entity names and targetnames inside linked groups to produce unique names per group.
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Download links: Documentation: Notable changes & bugfixes:
  • Added a template entity library (mtl_trigger_random, mtl_trigger_counter, cs_trigger_roundstart, and more).
  • Added several template behaviors (target patterns, automatic multi_manager expansion, env_sprite angles fix, _tb_group support).
  • Templates can now have multiple names, and macro entities can reference multiple templates.
  • Macro entities can reference templates inside other maps.
  • Geometry scaling along individual axis.
  • Template properties now act as local variables.
  • macro_brush now also copies point entities from the selected template.
  • Several attribute-related scripting improvements (empty key removal, array keys, accessing parent entity attributes).
  • Automatic merging of brush entities.
  • Linux support (untested!).
  • MScript has been improved - it now supports functional programming.
  • Fixed that map files could not be read on certain systems, depending on culture settings.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of jmf worldspawn entities, and unwanted origin attributes.
  • Fixed that TrenchBroom map files could not be read (and vice versa).
Or go to the download page for a full list of changes and bugfixes.
Special thanks to Windawz, Loulimi and kimilil for their feedback, and all the others that contacted me about MESS during the past 3 years.
Posted 4 months ago2023-12-02 22:48:22 UTC Post #348138
MESS 1.2.1 is now available!

This is a hotfix that fixes a problem with the configuration system that prevented template entities and behaviors from being loaded. :roll:

It also adds a 'template_entities\custom' directory where custom template entities and behaviors can be stored without the risk of being overwritten by a future update.
Posted 4 months ago2023-12-09 00:53:09 UTC Post #348172
MESS 1.2.2 is available now

Another hotfix, this fixes an issue with the id() function not returning the targetname of the parent macro entity.

I've also added another template behavior for setting the speed of scrolling textures in brush entities other than func_conveyor.
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