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A recent error has been discovered when using Hammer 3.5 on some newer machines. When switching wad files in the tools/options menu this can cause instability in Hammer and it tries to load too many which causes it to crash. It may however, save these options and try to load too many textures and also crash on startup. To fix try these in order:

Move the wad files that Hammer is trying to find to a different location, don't COPY. Hammer will be unable to find them and won't load them.

Go to your Hammer program folder and delete the cmd and smd files that hold setting data. You will have to set up hammer again.

If the above is unsuccessful, uninstall and delete the program and the program folder. Don't forget to save your maps and prefabs elsewhere. Reinstall.

If it fails again, repeat the above but reinstall in a DIFFERENT location, ie another hard-drive or create a editing folder.


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