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ORIGINAL TITLE: Warning: Too many direct light styles on a face(coordinates given)

(revised) You have too many different kinds of
light shining on a face(patch) of a brush: either differently named switchable lights, or flickering
or strobing lights, or lights with a custom appearance. You need to remove some of these lights in
the problem area (probably where you have the most such lighting), or combine the lights' properties
into the same style. You can have more than one light shine in an area, but 3 styles maximum;
but the lights should be the same light type/custom appearance/name(if any) if possible. The new
switchable texture lights count as one dynamic style if they are all the same type/custom

I am not certain about the new shadow coloring control, but I do not think that applies to the
dynamic, just to the static background.

(Each face wpoly/patch can have shining on it max 4 light styles: 3 switchable/dynamic light
styles, and 1 reserved style for the static/unchanging lightmap. The reserved is the background
lightmap - all the normal texture lights, light env, and lights that are unnamed and normal mode -
no matter what the color or brightness. The dynamic lights can be single lights or a group, as
long as they have the same light type, same custom appearance, and the same name. You can have
3 sets of dynamic - eg. if the lights have the same name, but 2 different light types (eg. normal
and flickering) and one custom appearance then they make 3 dynamic styles.)

choice to fix:

1. remove a bunch of lights in the area, named or lights with different types/appearance.

2. change more lights to the same type - type by light properties - or same names - or same custom appearance.

3. (Recent info from Cagey about how the RAD code works revealed that the older compilers look at
EVERY entity with a Style property and counts it in as a light style! This includes entities such
as buttons that do not give off light!)

So also go thru your entitys with Smartedit off an remove Style stuff, or open up your .map of your
level with an editor like notepad and remove the Style values from entitys like buttons that do not
give off light really....

4. RAD -coring 0.2 is used in some compiles with switchable lights to make light travel
further before the cutoff, which make the switchable light look better - but it may also cause more
styles to hit a particular face. If you are using the coring parameter with RAD, consider removing
it from the compile.



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