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ORIGINAL TITLE: host error : PF_setview_1:not a client

The only time I came across this, it was some error with a camera shot that started the level, and
taking the camera out fixed it.
EsBe says:As the name implies, this error occurs when the game tries to change the view of a non-client to that
of the trigger_camera. What isn't so obvious is that the trigger_camera doesn't automatically target
the player. It will target who-/whatever triggered the camera entity.

Note that the game can trace the "activator" back through multiple entities. For example, if the
player walked through a trigger_once which triggered a camera, the game knows that the trigger_once
triggered the camera, but it also knows that the player triggered the trigger_once. The same applies
to a func_button, etc. I'm guessing that you tried to trigger the camera with a trigger_auto. This
would cause the camera to try to change the trigger_auto's view, not the client's, because the player
didn't actually trigger the trigger_auto. I would assume that this error would also occur when a
path_corner, etc., triggers a camera.


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