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"Warning: Leaf portals saw into leaf
Problem at portal between leaves 477 and 502:
(-150.000 -1890.400 320.000)
(-166.131 -1877.598 -64.070)
(-166.052 -1877.558 -64.070)
(-165.957 -1877.515 -64.000):" ERROR:

Caused by a bad brush, whether you or Hammer did it, lol! = )

A good portion of the time, this error comes up erroneously, sometimes on even the simplest architecture, inexplicably. These dreaded Leaf-saw errors are interrelated to many other errors in Hammer compile, which makes them especially infuriating and hard to diagnose, define, and quantify.

Disappearing Brushes and HOM can be the cause of a single one of these "leaf-saw" errors. Multiple Coplanar errors (Coplanar Plane errors on every brush in your map) can be caused by one leaf-saw error. If you have a problem in your map, check the compile log... there is probably a "leaf-saw" error!

These Errors alone are the reason I constantly back up my levels. They can cause your whole map to be uncompilable and/or extremely difficult to find the problem.



Commented 9 years ago2010-09-25 03:25:15 UTC Comment #101193
I fucking hate this error.
Commented 9 years ago2010-09-28 13:00:28 UTC Comment #101194
me too :)

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