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ORIGINAL TITLE: my textures are checkered or have dots

This is often a sign of bad junctions in mapping. Checkers comes most often from overlapping brushes.
Dots usually come from bad joints, which come from vertex manipulation or clipping, or come from the
translation errors from WC/Hammer .rmf format to .map format. Sometimes these problems also come from
too thin brushes. Occasionally checking happens because an old video card gets textures which are too
big (over 256x256), or because the player is in software mode and there are too many wpolys seen. (800
wpoly limit in software mode.) One more thing that can cause this is for the compiled level to ask for a texture which is not
in the loaded .wad anymore - maybe you removed the .wad from the editor, or switched in an other .wad
that is named the same but doesn't have the texture you were using?

Some solutions are: to fix the brush, to check the .map version to see
if it is a translation error, to overlay the dots with another brush of same texture, to use smaller
textures, to have less wpolys/brushes in the area, and to double check that the texture is in the
.wads you are using.


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