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Land Mine Effect

Remember those landmines from Surface Tension? Discover the secret behind them.

To start make a block brush with the dimensions: 96w 540l 128h. Right click on it and select hollow. I made the wall width 2. Next, place an env_explosion (using the Entity tool or Shift E) in the middle of the hallway on the ground. Right click on it and select properties. Click on Name, I used: mine. The Magnitude is the size of the explosion, and the default is 100. You can give this a bigger number, but be careful. In a large outdoor map a Magnitude of 500-1000 will wipe out everything in a 2000 unit radius.
Finally, place a block brush around the env_explosion. Select the block and right click on it. Click on Tie to Entity in the pop-up list. In the drop down list select trigger_once. Click on target. Type the name of the env_explosion. In this case mine. Now put an info_player_start at one end of the hallway and don't forget a light.

Compile the map. The trigger_once will cause the env_explosion to make an explosion. Because the env_explosion is on the ground, it looks like a land mine exploded.

Just to let you watch the effect, without becoming part of it, I added a monster_zombie to blow up. To get the land mines to work with Monsters, you need to select the Monsters Flag of the trigger_once properties.
Now you see it...Now you see it...
...Now you don't!...Now you don't!


Commented 9 years ago2015-01-19 23:04:35 UTC Comment #100572
It may also be possible to add a visible part to the mine too, being a func_breakable triggering the env_explosion. It's just a suggestion, but the target chainc could be like this: trigger_once -> func_breakable -> env_explosion
Commented 1 year ago2022-06-30 14:49:26 UTC Comment #104597
You can just make a func_breakable, on flags set Touch, Pressure and instant crowbar, set its health to 1, material to rocks or whatever you are using and explosion

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