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Ever wondered how to do the lighting effect at the end of the tunnels in the coast levels? Actually it's really simple - I'll be showing one way to achive the same effect.

Ok, in my example map, I have a basic tunnel with a road in the middle.
The basic tunnel.The basic tunnel.
First, make a box that covers the entire opening of your tunnel. I suggest making it 1 unit thick. Make this box a func_areaportalwindow
Adding an area portalAdding an area portal
Open up the properties folder. Inside I set these settings:
Rendered Window: bright1
Fade Start Distance: 512
Fade End Distance: 1772
Translucency Limit: 0

Fade Start Distance controls the distance that the white out effect begins to appear. Fade End Distance is when the outside of the tunnel is completely whited out.

Next, make a box surrounding the areaportal window. I made mine 3 units thick. Make it a func_illusionary and set these settings:
Name: bright1
Disable Shadows: Yes
Disable Recieving Shadows: Yes

[p]This func_illusionary acts as the actual blinding light. It slowly appears in based on how far away you are from the areaportal_window.

Now, texture the func_illusionary with tools/nodraw on all sides. Then texture only the side that is facing the inside of the tunnel with skybox/sky_fake_white. Heres a example:
Creating a pure white wallCreating a pure white wall
Almost done, now we need to add a light to the end of the tunnel to add realism to the effect. Add a simple light entity and set the brightness to 255 255 255 500.

Note: For more realism add an env_lightglow at the edge of the func_areaportal.

That should do it! Add an info_player_start and check it out.
My eyes!My eyes!


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