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After having played through a long game of Half-Life, you are tired, exhausted, slightly annoyed by the cliff-hanger ending but strangely satisfied. Looking back you think of all the grunts and slaves you annihilated and you wonder just how many there were. Well I can tell you exactly how many there are.

Attached to this article is an excel file and a doc (Word) file, they contain the counts of every entity in the game. When I mean the game I mean just the single-player missions ( and training levels ).

Note that the excel file is the prefered file since it is formated best and is ideal for representing this type of data. The doc file is for those who don't have excel but its a lot less easy to read. Sorry.

Admittedly there are probably a huge number of inconsistencies in the counts, due to a huge variety of reasons. such as:

1. Some Entities are created in game and do not exist at the start of the map, e.g. The Grunts dropping their machine guns.
2. These are only references to the entities, i.e. There is only one G-Man but he is referred to 14 times in the game.
3. Due to laziness of certain mappers, no names mentioned. Some 'entities' are not 'in' the game i.e. You won't see them but they were still left in the maps.

I would not recommend trying to check these results manually as that would be a total waste of time and it would not work out anyway. You just have to trust me. They are not made up.

Some of the Results will seem a little unusual but in retrospect they are logical e.g. Cockroaches.
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