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The TWHL Archiving Project is an effort to restore and renew tutorials and other valuable content from websites that are no longer online. We only gather content from sites that are no longer online, as the content can be considered to be "abandoned" at that point. Content that remains online can be archived if permission is given from the content owners.

Currently in the archive

Archiving guidelines

If you have content that would fit in the archive, please follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that the site is no longer offline, or that the content owner has approved the content to be archived on TWHL.
  2. Get the content, this is usually done by using the Internet Archive or a local copy of the content you have downloaded previously.
  3. Format the content for TWHL using our WikiCode syntax
  4. Optionally, revise the content to make it correct for current standards. For example, you might replace WON Half-Life file paths with Steam paths, or fix external links. Try not to change the content too much as this represents the desires of the original author. If you choose not to revise the content, tag the article with Review Required and somebody else will do it later.
  5. Add categories to the article so it is categorised correctly. For a tutorial, you might tag it with Tutorials and Goldsource Tutorials.
  6. Add a category for the website you are archiving. For example, articles from VERC are tagged with VERC Archive.
  7. Add proper credits and an archive notice to the bottom of the article. Follow the template below.

Credits and archive notice template

When archiving an article, be sure to credit the original author using this template:
[credit:Author|name:<author's name here>]
[archive:<website name here>|full|url:|wayback:20061016084251]
This example is included at the bottom of the page so you can see what this example would look like. To get the number to use in the wayback: parameter, look at the wayback link and use the number from it.
Example of the wayback number in a URLExample of the wayback number in a URL
This article was originally published on <website name here>.
The original URL of the article was
The archived page is available here.
TWHL only publishes archived articles from defunct websites, or with permission. For more information on TWHL's archiving efforts, please visit the TWHL Archiving Project page.