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This document contains the latest information on the Hammer 3.5 public beta! Download the beta, then come back and post your feedback and suggestions.


Be sure to read the changelog and notes, below. The Hammer beta file below contains a copy of hammer.exe. It should be copied over your old Hammer executable. If you need to revert to the original version of Hammer, you can download the original executable here. Make sure you also download the updated FGDs.


This is the current changelog. It must be stressed that this is a work in progress, not a final release, so your comments and feedback are quite valuable.


FGD modification

Making Models Appear
To make a model appear in the 3D view, three things must be done. First, the "Game Directory" (and/or "Mod Directory") property in Tools / Options / Game Configurations must be set. Second, the models must be unpacked into the proper folder. Third, the entity definition in the FGD must include the studio() helper. This is done one of two ways.

case 1:
@PointClass studio() = entity_name
     model(studio) : "Model"
In this case, the entity initially appears as the flatshaded box we've come to know and love, until a model is specified for its "model" property, at which time the model is then displayed in the 3D view.

case 2:
@PointClass studio("models/some_model.mdl") = entity_name []
In this case, the model is explicitly defined in the entity properties, and will always appear as this model in Hammer's 3D view.

Note that in either case, the model must be present in the specified folder or it will simply appear as the flatshaded box.
Setting Model Animation Sequences
To enable the ability to set the animation sequence of a model in the 3D view, a "sequence" property must be added to an entity. The value of "sequence" is an integer corresponding to the animation in the model. For example, the monster_hgrunt_dead entity in the FGD has the following property added to it:
sequence(Choices) : "Animation Sequence (editor)" : 44 =
     44 : "deadstomach"
     45 : "deadside"
     46 : "deadsitting"
This could just have easily been setup as an integer, as the Choices variable type just lets you give a list of integers with descriptive names to choose from.

Note that the animation sequence setting only affects the display of the model in the editor, not in the game. This is mainly useful for differentiating between things like monster_scientist, monster_sitting_scientist, and monster_scientist_dead, which would otherwise all show the same model, plus it will greatly aid in the placement of scripted sequences.
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