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1st step:

Open your HEX-editor. (If you don't have one, there are several freeware ones available, such as HxD or Frhed)

2nd step:

In the editor, open the sprite you want to fix the axis of. Don't use the default Half-Life sprites as this could cause problems.
I am using "gordon.spr".
User posted image

3rd step:

Search for the 8th byte. It's default value is "02".
User posted image
Change the value. ("00" - "03")
"00" fixes the Z axis only - like an env_beam.
"01" does something strange, don't use it at all.
"02" fixes none of the axis - the sprite will be seen from the front.
"03" fixes the X, Y and the Z axis - the sprite stands there like a wall.

Here, I want to fix all 3 axis.
User posted image

4th step:

Save the sprite and use it like every other sprite.
With the "angles" key you can even rotate the sprite.
User posted image
Tip: When you use sprites with an 8th byte's value of "03" you must pay attention! If you want to rotate this sprite around its Z-axis (top-down) only, set the values for Y- and X- rotation to "0.1". If you don't, the sprite will be rotated around its X-axis ingame, even if the VHE displays the sprite correctly.


download the sample map (including all sprites):

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