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Normal Water

Water in hl2 is a little illogical to make, but following these steps isn't: Some rather strange rules apply to water in HL2:

Rising Water

To create rising water, you should break the first rule: Tie all brushes representing water (made like explained above) you would like to rise to a func_water_analog. It has a few properties to fiddle with, here they are:

The only properties you need to fiddle with to make this work, are in bold. All the other properties work on default (but can be changed if necessary). To make the water rise, target it with the "Open"-input, and to make it go down again target it with the "Close"-input




One small note is, that this entity isn't bug-free: bugs may appear when you are in the water and are able to look at the sky. Also not everything that floats in normal water floats in this water. Just be warned.
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