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It's the nightmare scenario. You have been captured by the enemy, disarmed and left for dead in a cell. Fortunately you escape but all that stands between you and freedom are guard patrols.

This plan is all well and good for the mapper until you find that the scripted_sequence entity will disable all AI except for that which allows the monster/marine to detect pain and retaliate. So you can walk by the enemy with a quick hello only to be completely ignored. This problem puzzled me until I realised that the path_corner entity allows you to set patrol routes. The entity works much as if you were making a train, setting points for it to follow.

Lets take a the marine monster since they are more likely to patrol areas. Basically I'll make this quick since you should know the mapping basics well enough to understand without me taking you through every little thing.

The marine's target field needs to be set so that it heads for the first path_corner entity. Lets name this path_corner 'one'. Make another path_corner and name it 'two'. Return to the first path_corner that you made and fill the next stop target field with 'two'.

This will mean that when the marine reaches the first path_corner it will start its way towards the next one. This can be set up so that the marine will walk from one to two over and over again. Just make the path_corner 's target each other.

There are however drawbacks, while the marines will turn and attack if you fire a shot they seem to be unaware of anyone walk/running right behind them and breathing down their neck. They also have limited vision of about 300 units so they have some problems seeing ( you may seem them but thye might not see you). Be creative and avoid allowing the player to get into a situation where they can walk right behind the enemy.
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