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There are two types of teleporters that can be made in Half-Life. There's a simple version and a complex version. We'll start off with the simple version and then go on to the complex. I assume you are using WorldCraft. Let's get started with the simpler version. You'll need two entities for this: trigger_teleport and info_teleport_destination. The info_teleport_destination entity is where you'll end up. The trigger_teleport entity is brush based. Give the info_teleport_destination entity a name and set the target of the trigger_teleport to the name of the info_teleport_destination. You now have a teleporter! NOTE: Wherever you place the info_teleport_destination entity that's where the player will be teleported to so make sure you leave enough room for him if you put it near the ceiling or they'll get stuck. See, I told you this version is easy. Now on to the complex.

Now say you wanted to have a teleporter be activated by a switch. Stay with me through this and you'll learn how to do just that. First, create a trigger_teleport and an info_teleport_destination just like above. Next, place a multiscore entity. Give it a name of tele_master. Now go into the trigger_teleport entity's properties and in the master field enter tele_master. This will cause the teleporter to be inoperative until the master is triggered. If the master is triggered again, the teleporter will be turned off. Now place a multi_manager entity and give it a name of tele_trigger. Turn off SmartEdit so we can add some new keys. Add a key of tele_master (the name of the multiscore entity) and give it a value of 0. This causes the multiscore entity to be triggered once the multi_manager entity is triggered. Now add another key called tele_master and give it a value of 5. This will cause the teleporter to be deactivated after 5 seconds. You can leave this out if you want the teleporter to stay on once you've pressed the switch. Still with me? Now we need to make a trigger to active the multi_manager. This can be a switch, a trigger_once, trigger_multiple, etc. We're going to use a switch. Create a switch and for it's target attribute type in tele_trigger since that's the name of the multi_manager. You're done! If you followed the above example when you press the switch, the teleporter will activate and then 5 seconds later it will deactivate. I've created a nifty example map of both of these teleporters. You can get it here.
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