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env_fade - Point Entity

The env_fade entity, when triggered, gradually covers the screen with a single-colour overlay. Typically used for fading a scene in or out.




From the VERC Archive


Setup is simple:
  1. Place the entity in your level. Its location is unimportant.
  2. Give it a Name (targetname). The entity must be triggered to take effect.
  3. Give it a Duration (duration) and Hold Fade (holdtime) time. Duration controls how long it takes to fade from normal to the fade color (or the reverse, if the Fade From flag is checked) and Hold Fade controls how long the screen stays at the fade color. Add these two values together for the total time this entity will be in effect.
  4. Set the Fade Alpha (renderamt). This controls the level of fade. A Fade Alpha of 128 would fade the screen half-way between normal and the fade color (below). For a solid fade, a value of 255 can be used.
  5. Set the Fade Color (rendercolor). This is the RGB color the screen will fade to. It defaults to black (0 0 0).


The modulate flag on the fade does a different kind of blending to achieve the fade. The normal fade does a straight weighted blend between the screen and the fade's color (i.e. the fade color becomes a more/less opaque overlay over the scene). Modulate actually attenuates the screen colors in r/g/b with the fade color. So you could, for example, remove all of the red & blue from a scene with modulate and be left with a green "night-vision" display - well sort of night vision anyway. The fade color for that would be pure green with modulate. If you uncheck the modulate flag, it will turn the screen completely solid green.

Example maps

Loading embedded content: Vault Item #1782
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #5500
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #6681


Commented 13 years ago2010-07-11 21:50:13 UTC Comment #101069
MODULATE EXAMPLE HERE: http://twhl.co.za/vault.php?map=5500

-- flag info: Rather than fully colouring up the entire screen, it acts as a layer of the chosen colour and FX, For example, if you make the FX 255, the colour red and tick the modulate flag, Your entire screen will be covered in red but you will still freely see, it will look as if your ordinary yellow light bulbs suddenly turn red.
Commented 12 years ago2011-04-30 16:25:00 UTC Comment #101070
what flags is effects for all players?
Commented 6 years ago2017-11-07 02:53:10 UTC Comment #101071
4: "Activator only": If set, only the player who activated this entity will be affected by it.

Source: http://zyl.pestermom.com/external/entguide/entities/env_fade.html.

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