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Brush Entity

This entity lets you create a rotating object.


[li]0 = Normal [li]Render Mode (rendermode) - Controls the type of rendering that is used for an object. Options are: [li]Pitch Yaw Roll (angles) - Sets the pitch (up / down), yaw (left / right) and roll (bank) respectively. The compass in WorldCraft / Hammer corresponds to Yaw. The settings are not always (or not all) used.[/li]
[li]Global Entity name (globalname)[/li]
[li]FX Amount (renderamt)[/li]
[li]FX Color (rendercolor)[/li]
[li]ZHLT Lightflags (zhlt_lightflags)[/li]
[li]Light Origin Target (light_origin)[/li]
[li]Rotation Speed (speed) - This is the maximum speed the rotating object will acheive.[/li]
[li]Volume (volume) - Sound volume from 0 to 10 (10 loudest).[/li]
[li]Friction (fanfriction) - If the Acc/Dcc flag is enabled, this value determines the time it takes to reach full speed or to stop after being triggered.[/li]
[li]Fan Sounds (sounds) - The sound to make while moving. Values:
0 = no sound
1 = fast whine
2 = slow rush
3 = medium rickety
4 = fast beating
5 = slow smooth[/li]
[li]WAV Name (message) - The path / filename of a custom movement sound to be played (overrides Fan Sounds).[/li]
[li]_minlight (_minlight) - Minimum light level.[/li]
[li]X Y Z - Move here after lighting (spawnorigin)[/li]
[li]Damage inflicted when blocked (dmg) - If the player blocks the entity's movement, this amount of damage will be dealt.[/li]



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Commented 8 years ago2011-01-04 02:53:03 UTC Comment #101137
In counter strike, if they are activated with a button or any way else (originally off) they continue to rotate the next round, until the map is restarted using "restart" command.

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