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monster_alien_grunt - Point Entity

These strong, armored creatures make up the bulk of Nihilanth's military forces. They are armed with a hive hand, a biological weapon that spawns an endless supply of hornets, small insects that act as homing projectiles. At close range, they will simply punch their opponents. The dark armored parts will reduce incoming damage by 20 points - any projectile that does less damage simply ricochets off of the armor.

Their great strength allows them to burst through concrete walls and blast doors alike. They are found at the frontlines of the invasion of earth, assisted by alien slaves and controllers. In Half-Life's Interloper chapter, it is shown that they are bio-engineered or augmented, being transported in large holding vats throughout an alien factory.

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Health Punch damage Hornet damage
Easy 60 10 4
Medium 90 20 5
Hard 120 20 8





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