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Point Entity

Multiple path_corners form a path that can be followed by various moving entities, including some monsters and the func_train. The corresponding entity for func_tracktrain (which can not use path_corner) is path_track.





Commented 14 years ago2009-06-09 00:07:41 UTC Comment #101117
weird bug i had once regarding path corners. I grouped 4 pathcorners together, and somehow the fire on pass value i had for only 1 out of 4 paths, was copy/pasted to all 4 path_corners!

afaik, it's only happened once, but something to keep in mind if you're having trouble with path corners.
Commented 11 years ago2013-03-31 19:01:13 UTC Comment #101118
better use func_tracktrain it doesn't need any corners
Commented 2 years ago2022-04-01 12:04:54 UTC Comment #104293
New train rot. Speed (yaw_speed) was listed as an attribute but that doesn't seem to be implemented, so I removed it
Commented 1 year ago2022-07-09 18:58:44 UTC Comment #104631
does func_traintrack supports path_corner or its only path_tracks that makes it moves
Commented 1 year ago2022-07-09 19:24:34 UTC Comment #104632
C0JJ, func_tracktrain uses path_track only. I have updated the article to clarify
Commented 2 months ago2024-02-29 00:09:02 UTC Comment #106019
Fun fact: the logic of picking movement waypoints of a func_train is entirely within func_train itself. It is therefore possible to make a valid path with other entities mixed in. I've successfully mixed path_corners with momentary_doors like this:
  1. path_corner (p1)
    • target = m1
    • wait = 0
    • spawnflags = Teleport (2)
  2. momentary_door (m1)
    • target = p2
    • wait = 0
  3. path_corner (p2)
    • target = m2
    • wait = 0
    • spawnflags = Teleport (2)
  4. momentary_door (m2)
    • target = p1
    • wait = 0
I can then use momentary_rot_button to move the momentary_doors around and vary the distance the func_train has to travel.

It is a setup for an experiment where I can vary the time a func_train spends on one part of the map vs the other because it's being used to occlude LOS between me and a monster to test its AI schedule but that's off topic.

But you can likewise use it to have dynamically timed sequence with the mom_doors and func_trains off the playable areas.
My theory is that func_trains check the keyvalues of the entities it uses as paths (usually path_corners) without checking that their classname is actually path_corner. You can therefore use any entity as long as it has keyvalues that concur with that of path_corners: a target, optionally a wait, message (fire on pass) or speed, and spawnflags that don't conflict with that of a path_corner (therefore flag 1 will stop the func_train, flag 2 will teleport, etc.)

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