trigger_playerfreeze (Half-Life: Blue-Shift) Last edited 2 weeks ago2024-05-05 13:44:07 UTC

trigger_playerfreeze - Point Entity

Entity to freeze and un-freeze player movement like in Blue-Shift's outro. Trigger once to freeze, trigger again to un-freeze.




Commented 2 years ago2021-09-01 23:41:41 UTC Comment #103699
trigger_playerfreeze isn't a Point Entity, right?
Commented 2 years ago2021-09-02 12:07:38 UTC Comment #103700
It's a point entity, not a brush one.

If you open the map (BSP file) that correspond to Blue-Shift's outro (ba_outro.bsp) with a decent text editor like Notepad++ and you go to the entity lump or search for trigger_playerfreeze, you will notice that the entity does not have a model key/value pair.

All brush entities have a model key/value pair.

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