Commented 15 years ago2007-05-01 14:41:48 UTC in vault item: Jo_SewerageComplex Comment #14771
You granny muncher, its Wrangler249!! not 294!! This map is good though, get to beta test it!
Commented 16 years ago2006-03-26 11:59:04 UTC in vault item: Dalek Unbidden Comment #11353
your map doesnt work, it messed up my half life, nice going.
Commented 16 years ago2005-08-18 08:15:51 UTC in vault item: Graveyard v0.2 Comment #8619
Personally I think this map is killer, no matter what some punk anonymous freak has to say. V1 was good and V2 just added to the sights.
As my old dad used to say:
"Sometimes if you pee on it, it stops the stinging"
wait...wrong quote
:P 10/10 5 *'s
Commented 17 years ago2005-02-15 15:45:35 UTC in vault item: NightThings2 Comment #6023
holy shit. thats the real deal man! custom EVERYTHING!! Nice job, i give it 10 out of 5 ;) NICE JOB!!
Commented 17 years ago2005-01-31 11:06:15 UTC in vault item: The Factory Comment #5819
YAY! movies funny aint it? I dont know about your error chicken_man, mines not showing anything up like that.
Commented 17 years ago2004-11-13 09:34:39 UTC in vault item: danger1 Comment #5034
Nice job man, i can tell this took a while to make, heres a few pro's and cons':

+Well thought out map.
+Lack of ammo adds to the realism and keeps players on their toes.
+Layout in general was good
+Mostly a good choice of textures.

-Monster placement needs to be better, in some cases they are within each others bounding boxes so you get that annoying yellow spore crap flying around. Just move the monsters further apart and make sure none are intersecting walls.
-Pipe textures in the water bit "move" ingame.

All in all this is a real good map that got 4 stars from me, just sort out the monster placing and a few textures here and there and you're all set for a killer map! Keep it up!
Commented 17 years ago2004-11-08 17:37:23 UTC in vault item: stepping_stones Comment #5002
naghh...cant do it...
sv_cheats 1
ahh thats better. Expand it and it could become very interesting indeed.
Commented 18 years ago2004-08-11 18:44:11 UTC in vault item: New to mapping? Try this... Comment #3292
lol, u must have a pretty big closet prickley-pimple!
Commented 18 years ago2004-08-11 18:20:21 UTC in vault item: Sandyfalls Comment #3289
sorry about tha fullbright scare there! problemo solved!
Commented 18 years ago2004-08-08 16:16:15 UTC in vault item: Sandyfalls Comment #3221
what the hell is up wit my maps, screw this, as of tomorrow I'm re-compiling my maps and putting them back up WITHOUT using the CSTRIKE wad in Hammer!!!!! argh! FOOK!!!
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-29 18:04:27 UTC in vault item: Sandyfalls Comment #3051
Comment please!!!
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-28 11:58:27 UTC in vault item: HLywood Comment #3009
10000000 stars mate
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-28 11:53:31 UTC in vault item: Minimicus Comment #3008
beautiful is the only word i can use to describe it. beatuiful
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-27 04:53:16 UTC in vault item: Sandyfalls Comment #2942
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-26 10:57:54 UTC in vault item: Sandyfalls Comment #2902
ok, thanks
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-26 05:04:26 UTC in vault item: Deep Comment #2889
yeah thanks guys, i was actually thinking of joining the two maps together.
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-26 04:54:46 UTC in vault item: Sandyfalls Comment #2887
Thanks guys, i appreciate everyone saying good things about my work. Thanks to Trapt as well for pointing out some o fhte texture work that needs to be done and fixed up. Thanks again. :D